Marisa Miller's new baby is a real "G"

Dec 14, 2012 at 8:41 p.m. ET

Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller is probably pretty overwhelmed right now: She just gave birth to her first child, Gavin Lee Guess.

Marisa Miller gives birth

Congratulations are in order for model Marisa Miller: She and husband Griffin Guess just welcomed their first son, Gavin Lee.

"I'm completely overjoyed by the birth of our son. I feel so blessed to be a mom and am so excited to experience this next part of life," the 34-year-old model told People.

Everything about pregnancy was new for the first-time mother, including the adjustments she made to her beauty routine.

"When I found out I was pregnant, I cut all my hair's breakage off thinking, this is the only time I can have a break and do a little hair boot camp. My stylist was worried I was going to cry, but it was for my hair's health — I didn't care how it looked," she told Allure earlier this month.

"Once I got into my second trimester, I asked my stylist about a few small highlights around the face, just to break up the color a bit. We used organic dye and to make sure I didn't inhale anything, we even did it outside."

She won't have far to look to get parenting advice, though. Plenty of her Victoria's Secret pals had new babies this year, including Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima. The most recent birth was Gisele Bündchen's daughter, Vivian Lake.

"I'm in trouble!" husband Tom Brady said of his new, first daughter. "I grew up in a house with three sisters. I think it's great for my boys to have a girl in the house, just to understand at least a little bit about what makes a woman tick — not that I can certainly figure that out, because I can't. She's a beautiful little girl."

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Congratulations to Marisa Miller!