Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey: When alpha women go overboard

An alpha woman, like an alpha male, leads and has command of every facet of her life. She has a successful and often powerful career, a solid marriage, is an exemplary mother and has an appropriate outfit and gift for every occasion. Sure, she may be a closet alcoholic, but outwardly she’s got her stuff together. Still, some women take this too far. And here they are…

Mariah CareyNicki Minaj and Mariah Carey

This b****-fest got real when these two domineering divas engaged in a textbook power struggle for supremacy. Mariah Carey appears to have a solid marriage, be a good mother (with the noted exception of her diva distaste for changing diapers) and we all know about her stellar career. Nicki doesn’t have all of this, but she has notoriety. When this alpha and alpha-wanna-be were both hired as American Idol judges, the feathers started to fly. There was on-camera bickering and physical threats where Nicki told Mariah she’d cut a b****. Okay, she didn’t really say that, but she did threaten Mariah. The point is, both of these women need to step off. We’re over Mariah Carey’s inflated opinion of herself and Nicki is a diva, but she’s got a long way to go before she qualifies as an alpha.


Yeah, Madonna still has a presence on the scene many, many years later. But she’s also fought tooth and nail to stay there, and has abused her alpha status more than once in the process. On her MDNA tour, a sterilization team had to clean her dressing room after every performance. Is that because she can’t afford to get sick at her advanced age or because she’s an out-of-control diva? Who can forget her hydrangeas hissy fit, where a fan handed her a hydrangea bouquet and after he left she muttered, “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas.” Oh yeah, Madonna? Well, we absolutely loathe your fake British accent and misplaced arrogance. We didn’t much care for her sarcastic “apology” on YouTube that ended with “F*** you, I like roses.” To which we would respond, “F*** you, Madonna. We like celebrities who are superstars for having a legitimate talent, yet remain humble and gracious.”


It is with a heavy heart that we must add Beyonce to a list of alphas who have gone too far. Remember the days when she was just an incredibly talented, beautiful young singer who wasn’t going to “compromise her Christianity?” She was a doll back then. But Beyonce is slowly slipping from a fan favorite to a celebrity whose popularity has gone to her head. Is she taking the lyrics to her Diva tune a bit too seriously? We all remember how put out the other mothers who were trying to have a baby at Lenox Hill were when Beyonce moved in. Ms. B reportedly renovated her room with dark windows and a bullet-proof door to protect her privacy. Neil Coulon, father to premature twins, was not impressed when Beyonce’s entourage blocked him from seeing his babies. With rumors of Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles, being a diva by insisting folks call her “Miss Tina,” maybe Beyonce is an apple that didn’t fall too far from the tree.

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez

There are alpha females, those who are firing on all cylinders, and then there are those who are just overexposed. Enter Jennifer Lopez. She has a perfume line. She has a clothing line. She was a judge on American Idol (where Lopez likes to have simulated naughty time with her 20-something boyfriend onstage). She’s a spokesperson for FIAT. She’s forever making headlines in her skin-suits. It’s okay to be over 40, look great, have a young boyfriend and be successful, but it may be time to employ a little more discretion. J-Lo’s marketing strategy is making her a commercial success, but tarnishing her alpha status.

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