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Taylor Swift back at number one, Ke$ha’s album falls flat

After a few weeks out of the top, Taylor Swift is back in the number one seat. But after much hype, Ke$ha’s album sold much less than expected.


Taylor Swift’s Red is showing its staying power, landing back at number one this week on the Billboard album chart.

Red was number two last week behind Alicia Keys’s new album Girl on Fire, but that album fell all the way to number seven this week, with 77,000 albums sold.

Ke$ha’s new, much-anticipated album, Warrior, debuted with less-than-stellar numbers. For any others singer it would be nothing to write off, but a new album from Ke$ha was expected to come in at number one. The album sold 85,000 albums this week, coming in just ahead of Keys at number six. In comparison, Ke$ha’s first album Animal came in at number one in January 2010, with 152,000 albums sold its first week. But that album may have had some help on its journey to the top.

Animal‘s street date took advantage of a wide-open release schedule and an always-slow sales month,” said Billboard. “The week Animal debuted at No. 1, the next-highest new entry was way down at No. 27, where Katharine McPhee‘s Unbroken debuted with 15,000. They were two of only seven debuts on the entire Billboard 200.”

Ke$ha’s new album is considered a change in the singer’s sound and it has had some heavy publicity behind it.

Wiz Khalifa’s O.N.I.F.C. came in at number two this week, selling 141,000 albums. The album comes barely a year after releasing his last album, Rolling Papers. That album also came in at number two, but it sold 197,000 in its first week.

Swift’s album has now sold millions and is showing no sign of slowing down any time soon. The singer also celebrated her 23rd birthday Thursday with her new (maybe) boyfriend, Harry Styles of One Direction. His band was also called MTV’s artist of the year, as well as making the list of Barbara Walters’s most fascinating people.

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