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Jenny McCarthy tells all: New late-night show, dating & motherhood


Jenny McCarthy

Girl Crush quickie

Read Jenny’s honest answers below.

question1. Most attractive quality in a mate?

JC: A sense of humor.

2. Fellow alpha female whose style you admire?

JC: Eva Mendes.

3. Celeb parent you admire the most?

JC: Hugh Grant. He’s a very hands-on dad.

4. Favorite cocktail?

JC: Lemon Drop Martini.

5. Favorite exercise?

JC: Bikram yoga.

6. Favorite room in the house?

JC: Bedroom. But not for reasons you think! It’s my private space to relax.

7. Girl Crush?

JC: You probably expect me to say Cameron Diaz or Eva Mendes, but I have to be honest. There is an author, female, by the name of Byron Katie. She literally offers you these great tools to find self love, to realize that you have self worth. Everyone that I’ve recommended her to has called me to say, “Holy cow, this woman has changed my life.”

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