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Three men busted for Justin Bieber murder plot

Scary news for Justin Bieber fans: Three men were just busted in a plot to murder him.

The Buzz – Justin Bieber Safe After Three Men Plot to Kill Him
Justin Bieber is still fighting off the crazies…

Ever wonder why celebrities have so many bodyguards? This is why: Three New Mexico men have been accused of plotting to murder Justin Bieber.

It wasn’t a joke, either. Imprisoned double murderer Dana Martin is accused of enlisting Mark Staake and Tanner Ruane to kill Bieber and three others using Martin’s murder “calling card” — paisley-patterned ties.

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According to New Mexico television station KRQE, Staake and Ruane were planning to kill two of Martin’s former acquaintances in Vermont before heading to New York City. There they planned to kill — and castrate — Bieber and his bodyguard.

Why Justin? Martin is reportedly obsessed with the 18-year-old singer and even has a tattoo of the Biebs’s face on his leg. Creepy.

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The pair made it to Vermont before Staake was busted on outstanding warrants. Ruane was let go and later called Martin to express his sadness over the thwarted plan. Martin evidently had a change of heart and told cops of his plan, leading to Ruane’s arrest. The really scary part? Ruane was busted with murder tools and pruning sheers.

Bieber hasn’t commented on the news. The “Girlfriend” singer is currently in Atlanta and scheduled to perform at the city’s Jingle Ball. Oh, and he’s hanging out with his mom, too.

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“Hanging out with my mom @pattymallette today. missed her too. me and my mom in ATL, just like old times,” he tweeted Wednesday afternoon.

After all, who better to comfort you after a murder threat than your mother? Yikes. Let’s hope these three criminals never see the light of day again.

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