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Warm Bodies posters shine light on dark humor


It takes some brilliance to use zombies to make a compelling love story but these new posters have us convinced Warm Bodies nailed the endeavor. Talk about a play on words!

It’s original to say the least. Love is the figurative and literal answer to bringing life back to the undead in the upcoming film, Warm Bodies.

The movie’s catching a lot of hype as zombies and the whole apocalypse craze nears closer to Mayan red flag date, Dec. 21, but if we survive into February we’ll get a chance to see for sure if the movie accomplished its goal.

It’s dark comedy to the max: Boy meets girl. Boy digs girl. Boy must learn not to eat girl.

Okay, so it’s not completely the rom-com you’ve come to know and love but that’s what gives this potential and I, for one, am stoked there’s going to be a decent Valentine’s Day movie out I’d actually consider seeing.

Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer star in the film and, more recently, these awesome posters that we couldn’t wait to share with you graciously debuted online from the people over at Summit Films.

They might be turbo-puns, but they had me laughing and I hope you like them, too.

Warm Bodies storms into theaters Feb. 1, but until then, check out the trailer and cycle back to SheKnows for all your entertainment needs!

Photo Credit: Summit Films

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