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Jewel sings greatest hits with some (famous) fans


The singer chatted with SheKnows at the American Country Awards and shared some info on her soon-to-be-released greatest hits album.

It may be hard to believe, but singer Jewel released her debut album Pieces of You almost 18 years ago. After 10 albums, the singer announced Monday she will be releasing a greatest hits album in 2013, and some famous friends will be joining her.

The new album will include 17 tracks and she will be re-doing some of her biggest hits.

“I just wanted to do some duets with some artists I really liked and some voices I like,” Jewel told Billboard. “Kelly [Clarkson] was amazing. She was a hoot to have in the studio. She had done ‘Foolish Games’ in several talent shows prior to American Idol, so she really knew it. I’m such a fan of her voice and love what she added to the song. She was so effortless on it. It’s neat to hear it in her new light.”

Besides Clarkson, Jewel also invited the Pistol Annies to collaborate on another of her famous tracks, “You Were Meant for Me”.

“With Pistol Annies, I love them,” she said. “I think they’re cool, and I was really excited Miranda (Lambert) and the girls wanted to be on it. We had a lot of fun.”

The songs will also be featured on the album in their original versions, but she wanted listeners to hear the new versions as well. Jewel spoke with SheKnows about collaborating with the different singers.

“I love those girls, they are all so fun to be around and hang out with,” she said on the red carpet of the American Country Awards. “It was flattering, too, they grew up listening to my music.”

The singer said when she started, she never thought she’d be where she is today.

“I think it’s neat,” she told Billboard. “I got signed when I was 17, and I never thought my career would go as far as it did. I really idolized John Prine, Tom Waits, that sort of (artist). I hoped that would be my lot — I’d get to have a fan base and make records and tour. I never dreamed it would get to the highs it had. And when it did I was quite concerned about longevity, and I’ve always tried to make decisions that hopefully would create a good, strong fan base that was really loyal. And that’s what’s happened, so I feel really blessed.”

The album will also include some new tracks as well as the collaborations and hits. It will be out Feb. 5, 2013.

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