Gossip Girl‘s words of wisdom

Over the years, Gossip Girl has delighted us with pithy wisdom and juicy info. We spent the weekend watching Gossip Girl on DVD, scouring fansites and weeding through the goods, all so we could present you with the Girl’s most valuable insights and amusing advice.

Gossip Girl Cast- Who's Gossip Girl?Season 5

“Camus said that life is the sum of our choices. Choose wisely and fortune smiles upon you. But choose poorly? You never know what price you’ll have to pay.”

Ignoring the fact that this would be one seriously long text message, it’s still some decent advice about considering your options. Of course, the cynic might also point out that it’s mostly just vague and foreboding. We’re all bound to make the wrong choice from time to time. All Gossip Girl and Camus have done is add more stress to our decision-making process.

Season 4

“They say love is the best medicine… unless you don’t take it.”

Here’s why we love this: It’s so relevant to Gossip Girl. Each of the characters has faced their fair share of trials and tribulations. Yes, they could also use a lesson from Oprah about learning how to stand on their own two feet, but at the same time, it’s the love they share as friends that always pulls them through the storm.

Season 3

“Forget the grand entrance. Everyone knows that it’s the exit they’ll remember.”

Which are you more likely to remember: The first song of a concert or the last song in the encore? We remember what’s freshest in our minds. Skip showing up fashionably late. This New Year’s Eve, be the girl blustering out of the party fashionably early. (But not too early. Get that kiss at midnight, first!)

Season 2

“Some endings take a long time to reveal themselves. But when they do, they’re almost too easy to ignore. Some beginnings start so quietly, you don’t even notice they’re happening. But most endings come when you least expect them. And what they portend is darker than you’ve ever imagined. Not all beginnings are cause for celebration. A lot of bad things begin: fights, flu season and the worst thing of all… Want to be starting something?”

Not so much wisdom or advice as just a sage observation, it’s worth keeping in mind. Pay attention. Sometimes we’re so caught up in one ending, we don’t notice a new beginning. We can also get so carried away by just the idea of something beginning that we miss clear signs as to how it will end.

Season 1

“One good scandal deserves another.”

So typically Gossip Girl. Scandals are like movie diversions and quick getaways — you can’t have one without the other. All the best escapes and all the best scandals turn out to be two-fold.

Of course, there is one very big fallback to this advice: We have no idea who’s giving it. Who are you more likely to listen to? Blair? Serena? Darota? Or a perfect stranger?

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