Little Big Town's fave fan video involves a stripper pole

Dec 11, 2012 at 12:42 p.m. ET

Country music darlings Little Big Town stopped to chat with SheKnows on the red carpet at the American Country Awards, and revealed that they love when fans send videos. Particularly those in which they're half-naked.

Little Big Town at the American Country Awards

Little Big Town had a great 2012 on the charts, but what really made them happy is a fan video involving a stripper pole, they told SheKnows in an exclusive red carpet video from the American Country Awards.

The band's 2012 album Tornado really connected with fans, it seems. Tornado's first single, "Pontoon," which hit No. 1 on the country charts, is a case in point.

"Fans responded to that song and made it their own anthem," says Jimi Westbrook, who says it became a summertime sensation and inspired many fan videos.

"They would send us videos of their families on their own pontoons having their own parties," Westbrook tells SheKnows.

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"The craziest one was a pontoon that actually had a stripper pole on the front, which was very creative, I thought," Westbrook says. "Kudos to your creativity," he says right into the camera, no doubt thrilling the video senders.

"And there was a girl dancing to "Pontoon" in a really beautiful itty-bitty white bikini," finishes Westbrook's wife and bandmate Karen Fairchild.

"That little YouTube clip made its way around the world," says Fairchild.

"Very entertaining!" says Little Big Town's Phillip Sweet, putting his thumbs up.

He probably watches it every day, SheKnows suggested.

"He'd better not," mock-scowls Fairchild.

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