Miley Cyrus’ wild night with strippers

Dear Billy Ray: Please control your daughter.

Miley Cyrus shows up to Borgore concert scantily clad

On second thought, let Miley do what she wants — It’s more fun for us that way.

Miley Cyrus was “spotted” at the concert of Israeli electronic DJ Borgore’s concert at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood on Sunday night. Not that she was hard to miss. Cyrus appeared on stage only slightly more covered than the strippers in G-strings she performed alongside.

Borgore told Rolling Stone of Cyrus’ appearance that he “really wanted her here” and that having her at his side would help the night go “extremely well.”

Aside from her new(-ish) G.I. Jane ‘do, Cyrus sported a look straight out of Pretty Woman. From her snake skin thigh-high boots to her tight pants with a zipper that never seemed to stop, all the way up to her midriff-baring, cut out-shirt, Miley was one strong wind away from catching pneumonia.

The only reason her outfit seemed even remotely conservative was because she danced and sang alongside “dancers” in G-strings and… more G-strings.

Most girls experience a wild side before they meet their soulmate (or perhaps directly after divorcing him). Miley, however, is experimenting with her rebellious side while she’s engaged to Australian The Hunger Games hunk, Liam Hemsworth.

Dancing around on stage in her most ridiculous outfit thus far isn’t her only stunt. She also recently cropped off all her pretty blond hair, then convinced her favorite guy to get a matching presidential tattoo. It’d be slightly cool if Hemsworth’s tattoo wasn’t missing a word from the Roosevelt quote, proving people should really think awhile before getting inked and then, you know, make sure the tattoo artist has the quote written down properly.

Will Miley’s rebellious phase end with her marriage or something far worse? While speaking with Ellen DeGeneres in early November, Miley talked about her upcoming wedding.

“This is the one day that it’s what I choose and every detail is things that I love,” she told Ellen.

Right. Because every other day of the week, the 20-year-old is denied oh-so-much.

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