Terrifying Gossip Girl sneak peek!

Can you get PTSD from a Gossip Girl promo?

Blair and Dan arguing

We’ve all seen the Gossip Girl wedding pictures, right? You know the ones I mean: with Blair (Leighton Meester) in that lacy sea foam green dress and Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) in his white tux with coordinated bow tie. We were all prepared for a wedding between Upper East Side royalty.

But now, this…

Is it possible Gossip Girl officials and The CW were just tricking us? Were they trying to throw us off our game so they could toss a Lost-sized plot twist our way? This promo is intense! One second Blair is begging Chuck not to get on a plane — the next, you’re hearing reports of a plane crash.

Serena and Blair hugging

Plus, look at this picture! Blair is definitely being consoled over something.

Earlier today, we saw a headline speculating that someone might die on Gossip Girl. With just that headline to go on, a conspiracy was cooked up: Maybe Chuck and Blair were getting married because they love each other, but also so that they can scheme together to murder Chuck’s father without having to testify against each other. Maybe it was a little far-fetched. But, it’s Gossip Girl, after all.

Now there’s that insane sneak peek. Are you kidding, CW? This is not okay.

It would also explain the return of Eric. For a while there, Chuck and Serena’s (Blake Lively) baby brother, Eric, were pretty close. If something were to happen to Chuck, that would certainly bring Eric home for a while, right?

While the promo seems convincing, we’re going to hold on to hope for a little bit longer. After all, filming a scene to not even use is a costly production. Gossip Girl may have a decent budget, but we doubt it’s that big.

This is still too much to take. Can someone please hit up Gilt to get some to-go martinis and an order of truffle potato fries for us to stress-eat?

Good luck, Chair fans. It looks like you’re going to need it.

Images courtesy of The CW