Shiloh Pitt: Santa's list for celebrity tots

Dec 9, 2012 at 10:46 a.m. ET

Buying for our own kids is easy. After telling them, “No, put that back,” and “No, you can’t have that,” and “Is it your birthday or Christmas? I didn’t think so,” the holidays give us an excuse to spoil our young. But what do you get for the kid who has everything? Here’s a peek at what Santa is getting all the well-to-do boys and girls on his list…

Shiloh PittShiloh Pitt

Santa had to think long and hard about what to get Shiloh for Christmas. She’s already been to places most Americans won’t see in their lifetime. In fact, she was born in Africa! Mom (Angelina Jolie) is often photographed coming out of a toy store with her brood, so Shiloh doesn’t want for much. After some head-scratching, Santa has decided to get Shiloh Pitt a haircut (because he thinks she’s much too pretty to look like a boy) and a vacation villa in Bora Bora. A little elf told Santa that Shiloh gets sick and tired of all the noise and sharing that comes with being surrounded by so many other children. Shiloh will get to leave the Pitt pack behind and go chill out by herself, for some much-needed R & R.

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Suri CruiseSuri Cruise

It's been a tough year for this little one after Mommy (Katie Holmes) dumped Daddy (Tom Cruise) on his head. Santa knows he can’t bring Suri’s parents back together for her, but he can do something to make her life better. Recognizing that little Suri has more designer clothes than most grown women, Santa has decided to convert one of the rooms in Suri’s house to a second closet. There she can store all her adorable shoes, coats and hair ribbons. She’ll also have a place to retreat to in the event she needs to throw a tantrum. That should bring some order to this little one’s holiday.

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Mason DisickMason Disick

Santa loves this adorable little tyke. But he does feel bad for him, despite the life of privilege this little guy leads. He’s afraid Mason may grow up with a skewed view of how the world works. Perhaps baby Mason will think all people are beautiful. Perhaps he’ll think that people get famous for exploiting themselves. He may think it’s normal to have a camera record his every move, and worse, he may grow up thinking people care what he does and how he lives his life. So Santa is going to wrap up a clue and place it under the tree for Mason (Santa is also getting one for Mason’s daddy, Scott Disick), and he’s going to include DVDs of the Cosby Show so Mason can get a grasp on what family life is supposed to be like.

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Honey boo booHoney Boo-Boo

Despite Honey Boo-Boo's surprising (and questionable) rise to fame, Alana and her family have several things they need for the holidays. Santa is leaving June Thompson, Honey Boo-Boo's mom, a fly-swatter because she’s forever swatting at the bugs that swarm her head, and a box of Kleenex for her on-camera sneezing fits. Good Ol’ St. Nick is leaving boxes of “sketti” under the tree for Alana, and piles of beauty pageant dresses so June won’t have to extreme-coupon anymore. Lastly, Santa is leaving Honey Boo-Boo a gift card for therapy, because Santa knows that poor little Boo-Boo is a train looking for a place to wreck.

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