Taylor Swift: “I don’t know how to make relationships last

Taylor Swift, who graces the January cover of Cosmopolitan UK, tells the magazine about her trouble with relationships. We have some advice for Swift, who recently released Red, her most grown-up album to date.

Taylor Swift on the KIIS red carpet

After spending years singing about princesses and fairy tales, Taylor Swift will appear on the cover of Cosmo UK possibly the world’s juiciest women’s magazine.

Just look at the teaser blurbs that surround her. At her shoulder is one about what kind of sex “he wants.” Down by her hand, we’re told that inside, we can find tips to “eat your way to a better orgasm.”

We’re not buying Cosmo for ground-breaking music journalism. We’re buying it because we want better times between the sheets.

Fox News already has its hands on the January 2013 issue of the magazine and has shared some of the best tidbits. The best part is when Swift admits something the rest of the world has known for years.

“I don’t know how to make relationships last,” she told the magazine. “I’ve never had a really long relationship, so I have no idea what that’s like.”

We figured that out a long time ago, and even pointed it out earlier this week, when we chronicled Taylor’s 13 boyfriends in the past four years.

Next, she added, “Wish me luck for the future!”

Instead of luck, here’s some advice:

First, go have a heart-to-heart with Oprah. Miss O is a fount of wisdom. She’ll no doubt tell Taylor that she needs to learn to be happy with herself before she can be happy with someone else. While Taylor exudes confidence everywhere except on the awards show stage, her serial dating hints at a different internal state of affairs. Instead of hopping from one guy to another, maybe she should take some time to focus on herself.

Second, stop dating 18-year-olds. Swift was recently photographed galavanting around Manhattan holding hands with the 18-year-old One Direction member Harry Styles. Before him, Taylor dated Conor Kennedy, also 18. When you’re 16 years old, age 18 can seem really mature. When you’re 22, you realize it’s not mature at all and dating a teen is probably not the key to finding a lasting relationship. After all, they’ve got other things on their minds… like finishing high school.

To a certain extent, everyone loves Taylor Swift. If she wants, she can be a great role model for not only little girls, but older girls, too. To do that, though, Swift needs to start acting (and dating) her age.

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