Beauty and the Beast recap: Injections in Afghanistan

Dec 7, 2012 at 10:32 a.m. ET

J.T. and Vincent figure out the why Vincent is having blackouts and who is really to blame.

Vincent during the experiment

There's good news and bad news for Cat (Kristin Kreuk). The good news is Vincent's (Jay Ryan) blackouts aren't her fault. The bad news? They are her mother's fault. Didn't see that one coming, did you?

J.T. (Austin Basis) has been locking Vincent in that little cage (which isn't going to hold and we all know it) and inducing blackouts. While Vince is unconscious, he has flashbacks of repressed memories of his time in Afghanistan, when the "project" that turned him into the beast first began. He remembers that Cat's mother, Vanessa, was the one who gave the injections and was a key scientist in developing the serum.

At first, everything was great. Vincent was told he was receiving vitamin shots, and he felt stronger and healthier than ever. Even his hearing was drastically improving. But, he knew something was wrong when a female soldier suddenly had a blackout episode and broke a picnic table with her fist. When he tried to ask questions, Cat's mother couldn't answer him, but he knew she was concerned. She does say, however, that blackouts are a side effect of the injections.

Soon, a commander wants to shut down the project and terminate the soldiers. When Vanessa speaks out against the death of her subjects, he tries to kill her, but Vincent turns into the beast and saves her.

This news isn't exactly news to Cat since the FBI agent already had informed her that her mother worked for Muirfield. Vincent is hurt when he realizes she kept something that was so important from him. "I thought we were past keeping secrets." This girl is always hurting his feelings. He's just trying to do right by her all the time. Make it easier for me to like you, Cat!

Cat searches through her mother's research

Cat goes through her mother's boxes of research that have been packed away in her father's house and discovers what could be a cure for Vincent. Or, at least for the blackouts. She has to sneak J.T. into the forensic lab at the police station, though, so he can use their equipment to make the serum. This doesn't go perfectly. Tess winds up seeing him and later brings it up to Evan (Max Brown) that there was a man in his lab.

Evan's at the point where he's ready to investigate the beast he heard rip that serial killer to shreds last week. He knows there's a mystery to solve and I bet he thinks Cat's involved, so I think this will only spark some new questions. He will most likely be the next to stumble upon Vincent's secret.

Vincent does go all beast like for a moment during a blackout/flashback. He bursts out of his cage (as we knew he would) and nearly attacks J.T. as memories replay in his mind. When he saved Vanessa, it wound up being the commander who slashed his face with a knife and gave him that ugly sexy scar on his face.

When Vince comes to with the help of Cat's magically calming voice, he immediately injects himself with the serum. He's tired of living like a wild caged animal and is desperate for a cure. But, no one knows if the serum will do more harm than good. This feels a long-winded, anti-steroid PSA.

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