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Timberlake tries to get laid in exclusive Trouble with the Curve clip

The Trouble With the Curve DVD release is rounding third and nearly home, so here’s an exclusive clip to hold you over until the big day. Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams can’t say enough good things about Timberlake’s performance.

Gus (Clint Eastwood) has always been at the top of his game — quite literally — hailing as one of baseball’s greatest scouts. He’s been revered all his life, but when his vision starts to go, ironically his life and all that truly matters comes into focus.

When baseball took center stage, Gus pushed aside his loving daughter Mickey, (Amy Adams) who never fully healed from the neglect. She’s an overachiever, having obtained a stellar law degree and moved up the ladder. However, all she’s ever really wanted was her father’s affection.

Taking a hiatus from her professional endeavors, Mickey invests in a self-proclaimed, “dysfunctional sense of responsibility to make sure (her father) is OK,” as Adams’ character says in the trailer.

It’s the final inning in her dad’s life and Mickey must get down and dirty in this world of men to bring her father back from the brink. It has its hardships, but Mickey was born into the competitive baseball ideology, and she’s as resilient as a seasoned leather glove. And it’s not all bad — baseball is, after all, a game.

Games rely on star players and this is no exception. Justin Timberlake, who plays Johnny, is a key contribution to the flick and a real player — though not in the negative connotation. Timberlake’s character proves he’s ready to play ball, and does what it takes to help Gus and ultimately win over his daughter’s heart.

As expressed in this exclusive clip, Timberlake stars in one of his most natural, down to earth, utterly charming roles yet, and his colleagues on set raved about his involvement. He sheds the spotlight for a step back into a small-town guy looking to find his place and a woman to complete the big picture.

This film is convincing. With big names such as Eastwood and Timberlake, it’s easy for a movie to get carried away, but Trouble with the Curve features believable characters with a great lens on life.

This flick is great for the entire family and hits stores Tuesday, Dec. 18!

Be sure to check it out or wrap it up just in time for the holidays.

Video Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures

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