Arrow recap: Heartbroken Arrow

Dec 6, 2012 at 9:45 a.m. ET

Despite his many attempts to change her, the Green Arrow gets his heart broken when he falls for bad girl Helena.

Arrow carries the wounded Helena

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) gave us another reason to fall in love with him this week. Not only is he the chiseled-ab carrier of justice to the troubled Sterling City, but now he's a romantic who will risk his own heart to save a broken villain. Too bad for Oli: It's his turn to learn what a broken heart feels like.

We already know Helena (Jessica De Gouw) and Oliver have two different definitions of justice. Oliver wants criminals to pay for their crimes, while Helena wants to slaughter them. But their differences don't end there. Apparently the two also view their relationship differently. While Oli's ready to jump in with both feet tied to a cinder block and never look back, Helena is ready to put on the brakes.

"We slept together and it was nice," Helena begins in a patronizing tone, "but I'm not looking for anything right now."

Again, has she seen those chiseled abs or those impressive pull-ups?

In an attempt to reach her on a deeper level, Oliver takes her to Sarah's grave. He proceeds to tell her the story about how he cheated on his fiancee with Sarah and then watched Sarah drown on his yacht. You know, because that just screams, "I'm never going to hurt you."

That's actually what he tells her, and she buys it. Then, she also agrees to learn his brand of justice, starting with a sexy crossbow lesson.

Diggle (David Ramsey) is the best. He is the sassiest voice of reason and has no problem telling Oliver and Helena how he feels about their relationship. Oliver doesn't want to hear it. Instead, he thinks Helena is just lost and he wants to save her. I'll give you a second to giggle at his adorable naivety.

Things are going well for a while. They even find a bad guy on Oliver's list who also works for Helena's corrupt father, and she's satisfied not to kill the guy. But things take a turn for the worse when the pair run into Tommy and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) at a restaurant and have dinner. It doesn't take Helena long to realize that Laurel is Oliver's ex and he might still be in love with her. She dumps him on the spot. Tommy and Laurel have their own little spat over Tommy's insecurities about Oliver (especially now that Tommy's dad has cut him off from the family fortune), but they resolve it quickly and wind up stronger than ever.

Now, Oliver feels like he's seen the real Helena and tells Dig he was right all along (does this mean Dig can start getting in on the action again?).

"I can't stop her from going over the edge," Oliver solemnly realizes. "She's already passed it."

Helena is prepared to murder her father

And she sure the as heck has. She guns down several Chinese gangsters to set them up to retaliate against her father. It doesn't take them long to seek revenge on Mr. Bertinelli. While they're running amok in his house, he manages to escape, but Helena hunts him down. Just when she's about to shoot him with an arrow, the Green Arrow interferes. The two fight, but in the process, Mr. Bertinelli shoots his own daughter with the arrow. The cops arrive while Arrow carries his wounded Huntress into the night.

Saving his damsel in distress didn't do him much good. Helena still wants nothing to do with his brand of justice or him. As Dig pointed out, Oliver can't change Helena. She already changed when she lost her fiance, and this is what she changed into. Poor Oliver. He didn't realize that while bad girls need love too, sometimes they just don't want it.

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