Glee's hottest scandal of 2012: Uncovered?

Dec 5, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. ET

A chance SheKnows encounter may have revealed a possible on-screen romance that has found its way into off-screen territory. What happens when both parties involved may already be in romances of their own? Can you say scandal? Or maybe it was an innocent reference... you be the judge!

Brody & Lea from GleeWell, someone kissed and told!

Who is this mystery Glee cast member that has loose lips? Who dropped the ball on what could be the hottest hookup to close out 2012?

The suspense is killing you, right? Or maybe not if you just scanned the article or... looked at the picture and found the identity anyway.

Dean Geyer is the hottie that plays Brody Weston, and Lea Michele plays the New Directions alumni Rachel Berry on Glee.

What happens on-screen... stays on-screen?

Throughout the season, tensions on the show have run high, both emotionally and physically (who could blame Rachel — have you seen Brody's biceps?). Rachel is moving on with her New York life, both from Lima and from her ex-boyfriend Finn (Cory Monteith). She had some trouble severing her emotional ties with Finn because of history, familiarity and their interconnectedness, and may have misled Brody. Brody, however, seemed to be really into Rachel, allowing all his manly goodness in black spandex to rub up against her in dance routines. But he surprised all of us with his seemingly spontaneous hookup with Cassandra July (Kate Hudson) — we all know that was premeditated on her end. Rachel was devastated but was more than willing to take him back... and spend a holiday together! Well, that didn't take long or much, Rachel. Rachel and Brody seem to have an undeniable bond and a level of attraction that has yet to culminate into anything other than a smooch — but are they releasing all their tension after they leave the set?

While offscreen, actors and actresses often have a very professional relationship. But it does make you wonder what happens behind closed doors (and sets). Come on, look at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — they got involved because of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, even though Brad was in the midst of a divorce from Jennifer Aniston at the time.

Okay, already! What was the quote that started all this speculation?!

One of SheKnows LA correspondents was on the red carpet recently at the KIIS FM Jingle Ball. Like a butterfly from a cocoon, Dean Geyer emerged, succulent as always. In a candid exchange, he was quoted remarking that Ms. Lea Michele is "a good kisser."

Okay, folks, while it may not be much, he definitely thought highly enough of it to take note. We're not so sure we'd be okay with a boyfriend talking about the quality of his co-star's tongue flexibility, but this is Hollywood, and anything goes. We must say, though, Dean is a hot hunk who has a tan, chiseled body and Lea Michele is a talented, attractive actress. They spend a lot of time together, so ask yourself: are they that amazing at acting that the chemistry isn't real?

What do you think? Well, even if you aren't sure, let's see what happens to them on-screen on tonight's episode of Glee!

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