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Go On to the end of the world

Tonight’s all-new episode of Go On has the therapy group contemplating/celebrating the end of the world and the holidays, all at one time. Talk about a party theme!

Ryan and Laura on Go On

The new episode of Go On deals with what’s on all our minds: the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Okay, so maybe the vast majority of people don’t believe the world will end on Dec. 21. But, if you’re going to group therapy, where no one is entirely stable, it’s completely plausible that someone will believe that an apocalypse is just around the corner. There’s always one, right?

Whether you believe “this little rave we call existence” is about to end or not, this episode looks hilarious (though probably more funny to the people that aren’t “totally whacked out”). Maybe you can get some ideas for your own end-of-the-world holiday party.

Possible things a holiday/end-of-the-world party might include:Go On's Mr. K

  • Burnt/bare Christmas tree
  • Mix CD with R.E.M.’s song, “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”
  • Someone wearing a shirt that says, “I feel fine”
  • Maybe a few of this year’s calendars with the date circled or X’d taped haphazardly to the walls
  • End-of-the-world survival kits as party favors (bottled water, an MRE, a book of matches or a lighter and a knife)
  • Food to serve: Boiled water, more MREs, rice & beans (It’s a survival staple!), astronaut ice cream (you don’t need electricity to keep it good), fruitcake (it’s a Christmas tradition that gets neither better nor worse with time)

The therapy group’s party will probably be a lot less strange as far as decor, favors and food (though we can hope!), but they’ll make up for it with their guest list.

Tune in tonight to join the barely mourning Ryan King (Matthew Perry) and his gang of imperfect new friends as they celebrate the holidays… and the end of the world.

Images courtesy of NBC

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