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Lessons to learn from past royalty-moms

Kate Middleton is about to join a group of elite royal mamas. Here are some lessons she can learn from their triumphs and scandals.

First, they held one of the most highly anticipated weddings, well, ever. Now, Kate Middleton and Prince William have created an heir to the throne. Yep, it’s official — the royal baby is on its way!

This anxiously awaited news means that Kate is about to join a prestigious group of royal mamas. As glamorous as that sounds, being a royal mom also includes constant media scrutiny. Though Kate has handled the intense pressure of living in the spotlight well so far, she’s about to enter uncharted territory.

Here are some lessons from other royal mamas to help Kate rock her new mom status:

Princess Diana

We have to start with Prince William’s mom, the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Though she struggled with the relentless media attention surrounding her marriage and personal life, Diana always put her sons William and Harry first. She did her best to adjust her hectic travel schedule and charity work around her sons’ needs, and she played a more active role in their upbringing than past members of the Royal Family.

Michelle Obama

Here in the states, the First Family is as close as we get to royalty. And who better to take a cue from than our very own First Lady, Michelle Obama. Not only is she articulate and über-intelligent, but she’s also quite stylish. Malia and Sasha’s mama has become a fashion icon, thanks to her down-to-earth and relatable style. Throughout her husband’s first term, Michelle has been an advocate for military families, work/ life balance for women and fostering healthy eating habits for families.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Perhaps one of the most popular First Ladies, Jackie O made quite an impression on the American public during John F. Kennedy’s presidency and beyond. Her elegance, grace and style made her an instant fashion icon. Just like Michelle and Diana, Jackie was careful to protect her children amidst constant media scrutiny and even violence against her family.

Angelina Jolie

Brangelina may not be heirs to the throne, but they’re Hollywood royalty. In fact, Angelina has said that Princess Diana inspired her charity efforts, especially her work with landmines. Despite her rather scandalous past, Angelina has turned her focus toward growing her family and humanitarian efforts.

Kris Jenner

Well, she may not technically be royalty, but the business-savvy momager to the Kardashian and Jenner siblings has turned her family into a multi-million dollar empire. Kris has found a way to turn scandal (yes, we’re looking at you, Kim K!) into success, thanks to her family’s popular reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Though she’s often criticized for her intense work ethic, Kris says her number one priority is her family.

Images courtesy, Kate Middleton/Prince William photo credit: Chris Saxon/, Princess Diana photo credit: Anwar Hussein/, Angeline Jolie photo credit: Seskim/, Kris Jenner photo credit: Judy Eddy/

Which royal mama do you think Kate will be most like?

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