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IRS seizes Lindsay Lohan’s bank account

It seemed things had gotten as bad as they could for the actress. But the United States government proved that they, in fact, could actually get much, much worse.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s bad problems just got much, much worse. It was reported earlier that the actress owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes, and it looks like the IRS finally came calling.

“Uncle Sam has taken control of all of the Liz & Dick star’s bank accounts in an effort to recover $233,904 in unpaid taxes from 2009 and 2010 and an unspecified amount from 2011,” reports the New York Daily News.

Last week, Charlie Sheen reportedly wrote a check to Lohan to help cover the costs. But even if that is true, she still owes quite a bit of money.

“We’re told Charlie’s check barely scratched the surface,” TMZ said.

The actress’s dad, never one to let his daughter take all the spotlight, of course, had to chime in on the situation.

“I’m very concerned,” Michael Lohan told the New York Daily News on Monday. “Where is all her money going?”

It has been reported that Lohan recently spent $40,000 to help her mom Dina avoid foreclosure on her Long Island home. But Michael Lohan said his daughter made more than $100,000 to promote a new energy drink, the New York Daily News reported.

“I care about one thing: Lindsay’s life,” Michael Lohan said. “I know she’s drinking again, and that’s bad enough. What happens if she goes to jail? They don’t detox you in jail. I want her in rehab. I wanted her in rehab six months ago.”

That may be just the start of her troubles. Lohan is supposed to be in court on Dec. 12 to be arraigned on the three charges stemming from a June car crash. She also was arrested (again) last week in a fight at a New York City nightclub.

The one bright spot that Lohan had been looking forward to, her movie Liz & Dick, was considered a flop and received numerous bad reviews.

For the actress, it looks like there is nowhere to go but up… but she has proven us wrong before.

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