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James Van Der Beek gets romantic in exclusive Backwards clip

Sports can be the greatest mentors for life. Rowing has taught Abi Brooks that sometimes, we must learn from what’s behind us in order to move forward.

At its base, Backwards is a tale of aspirations and sport.

Sarah Megan Thomas plays Abi, a fierce competitor looking to land her spot on the Olympic rowing team. When things don’t quite work out the way she’d hoped, it’s time for her — whether she likes it or not — to reassess the passion that has fueled her life for the better part of 30 years.

It’s a struggle for identity and purpose that repositions Abi figuratively back in time. As she shifts her role from athlete to coach, she examines the journey, and more important, the people who have brought her this far. Most important, she rekindles a former romance with Geoff (James Van Der Beek), who’s always had her best interests at heart.

Just as things start looking up and her investments with her athletes and her man are starting to pay off, there’s an opening in her dream seat and she’s thrown right back into the biggest dilemma of her life.

Will she give it all up to follow her dreams and achieve the sport’s greatest honor, or recognize that the sport has already birthed its fruits all throughout her life?

Backwards is a thrilling journey into the love of sport and the sacrifices athletes make along the way. It’s a must-see for sports and romance fans alike. Just check out that chemistry between Abi and Geoff above!

Be sure to grab your copy of Backwards, in stores Tuesday, Dec. 11.

Image courtesy of 13th Night Productions

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