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NBA star on set: Kevin Durant exclusive Thunderstruck clip

What happens when a clumsy teenage kid gains the skills of a pro baller? Life will never be the same. Join Kevin Durant and more in this behind-the-scenes clip from the upcoming DVD release of Thunderstruck.

NBA superstar and Olympic medalist Kevin Durant proves he’s got skills on and off the court.

He’s the lead role in Thunderstruck, hitting stores everywhere today.

It’s a story of talent and the perseverance needed to accomplish one’s goals.

Durant stars as himself, but when his basketball expertise is magically switched with a violently uncoordinated teen, things get a bit complicated. Brian (Taylor Gray) miraculously moves from high-school benchwarmer to A-team, while Durant tries to get it together in time to rally for the playoffs.

Although the plot creates chaos in the character’s lives, this exclusive clip shows the energetic and exciting environment that Durant helped bring to the set. It’s a true testament to the atmosphere Durant weaves throughout the film, and with Jim Belushi bringing in the laughs as Coach Amross, this thing’s a hit for sports fans and child audiences everywhere.

Thunderstruck is jam-packed with great bonus content including “KD’s Clinic” and an inside look at the maturation of Durant’s role in front of the camera — quite the parallel for the journey and regiment that Durant harnesses in the movie as well!

Be sure to grab your copy in stores today, and keep an eye out for a giveaway SheKnows has in the works: Rumor has it we may be giving away some autographed Durant posters in the coming days. Now that would earn you some extra cool-points in the holiday gift department!

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