Revenge recap: There's a new boss in town

Dec 3, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. ET

While plotting to ensure Daniel is elected CEO of Grayson Global, Emily wonders if there's more to life than revenge.

Baby Carl's Christening

It's just another day with the Graysons as they destroy unsuspecting… flying disks? Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and Conrad (Henry Czerny) host a lavish skeet shooting event in an attempt to win over the most wanted vote for CEO.

Salvador, (Joaquim de Almeida) is a charming married man with a weakness for exotic women who also holds the coveted position of most valuable vote at Grayson Global's table. As Daniel (Joshua Bowman) and Conrad battle it out for his vote, it is Victoria who will stop at nothing to ensure Conrad remains in charge.

The trouble with Daniel's new obsession with destroying his father and rising to the top is he doesn't know that the Initiative will try to eliminate him forever if he succeeds. So, in a half-hearted, only 75 percent selfish way, Victoria and Conrad are looking out for their son by trying to squash his plans.

Despite the fact that Emily (Emily VanCamp) knows all about the impending danger, she still wants Daniel to run GG. She realizes Ashley is trying to push Aiden out of the picture and has too much control over Daniel, so she sends Victoria a shocking video of Ashley and Conrad having a steamy one night stand.

The plan backfires when Victoria doesn't run to Daniel with the troubling news, but instead uses it to blackmail Ashley. She sends the little homewrecker to Salvador's hotel to have sex with him in exchange for his vote for Conrad.

Emily and Aiden make it public

Aiden is able to swing the vote back in Daniel's favor when he discovers Victoria's plan via the hidden Grayson cam. Aiden tells Daniel where to find Ashley and Daniel bursts into the hotel room, catching the two cheaters in their robes.

Daniel takes a picture of the scene and threatens to release it, which would lead to Salvador's rich wife divorcing him and leaving him penniless. Salvador agrees to vote for Daniel in exchange for his silence.

Even though Emily's plan worked out and Daniel became the new CEO, a few things did go wrong. Daniel told Aiden there was no room for him at GG (mostly because he's jealous of Aiden's many PDA moments with Emily). Also, Daniel blackmails Nolan into forking over 51 percent of NolCorp. Nolan has a plan to hit Daniel harder, but for the moment, he's lost control of his enterprise.

On the other side of the Hamptons, Jack (Nick Wechsler) and Amanda have baby Carl's christening, which leads to Emily wondering if she will ever find that kind of happiness. Aiden assures her she will, and he certainly seems eager and ready to give it to her (a family, that is). But, where do babies fit into Emily's unending plans for revenge?

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