Miranda Lambert spills relationship tips and how she’s spending the holidays with Blake

Country music star Miranda Lambert spills her relationship secrets, biggest marriage tip and how she is spending the holidays with Blake!

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton

Whether she’s performing on tour, accepting an award or hanging out with her hubby, Miranda Lambert is one of the cutest, most hard-working stars in the music biz — and she dishes on how she manages her hectic work schedule while maintaining a relationship — exclusively with us!

SheKnows: Congrats again to both you and Blake for your wins at the Country Music Awards. How did you celebrate together?

Miranda Lambert: We went to a local bar with our booking agency, and at 1:30 we were tired! Those are long days. At 11 a.m. you start rehearsals, and then glam, and then more rehearsals, followed by interviews!

SK: When you’re not working, what do you and Blake do for fun?

ML: We’re at the house, we like to cook dinner, watch a movie, go back roading or listen to music. We’re really chill. I mean, we live in the country, so there’s not much to do.

SK: We’re dying to know, what’s the first piece of marriage advice that comes to your mind?

ML: Make time for each other. We don’t spend more than two weeks apart. And also, when I say “each other,” I mean just you and your partner. Because even if you’re together, but with other people, you’re not really together. What we learned in our first year, is that we were constantly surrounded by other people — living in LA when he was surrounded by The Voice or on tour with me and my people, so my biggest piece of advice is to just have “you two time.” Even if it’s just hanging out — nothing too fancy!

SK: What will you two be doing for the holidays? Any fun plans?

ML: For Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we’re in Lindale, Texas with my family. And then for the day after Christmas, we head to Oklahoma to the in-laws’. He has a big family, so it’s usually a five day thing!

SK: Any insight on what you may get Blake this year?

ML: Well, not sure yet, but all of the dogs have stockings! And then they all fight over each other’s treats — even though they all get the same thing!

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton

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