Editor's video pick: will.i.am feat. Britney Spears "Scream and Shout"

Dec 3, 2012 at 9:15 p.m. ET

Oh baby, baby. Britney never really left, but she's back in a whole new way.

Britney Spears

I figure it must get tiring.

What, you ask? Oh, you know — world domination.

You have will.i.am., the genius behind the Black Eyed Peas, insane collaborations and abstract thinking.

Then there is Britney Spears, who is like pop's version of Beyonce. Whoa, before I get a lot of flak for making that comparison, I don't mean vocally or physically. I mean in terms of universal appeal.

Britney first popped on the scene with her sugar-sweet image with "Baby One More Time," melted us and then revitalized us with her sexier albums, then disappeared for a while (I say disappear, you say breakdown, whatever.) and makes a comeback stronger than anyone I have ever heard of. Even though she's been riddled with scandals, strife and struggle, she manages to still (fake) a smile and dominate. The X Factor saw her worth, and so do we.

Let's get to the important stuff

This video is futuristic freaktastic. Reminiscent of Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson's "Scream," I found it to be a sexier form. Obviously, it would be incest if MJ and JJ tried to do that...

This trippy video features a fit Britney, who may look a little tired in the face, but young in the waist! She rocks seductive black attire, baring her midriff through most of it. Her stylist did a notably good job of accentuating her banging bod. ABC News discovered this is due to her 30-minute daily workouts and a sugar-free diet. Her looks were circa "Stronger" days.

Even though I hate to say it, musically will.i.am is always strong, but Britney definitely outshined him in the cinematic way. He doesn't have quite the same visual appeal as she does, and perhaps I was more intrigued to see if she succeeded/failed at dancing. Thanks to many, and I mean many, technical illusions, the "dancing" was more like swaying and popping. It was spectacular as they really milked the mirror effect.

The artistically captivating video featured a lot of abstract references that probably have some deeper meanings, but I was way too enamored by how effortlessly Britney seems to be transcending the years.

Photo courtesy of Bridow/WENN.com

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