Beauty and the Beast recap: Caged beast

Nov 30, 2012 at 10:30 a.m. ET

Vincent and Cat have a weekend camping trip planned, but one minor problem gets in the way. He can't remember, but he thinks he may be the murderer in Cat's latest case.

Vincent puts himself behind bars

This isn't the first time Vincent (Jay Ryan) has blacked out, then came to covered in blood, but it is the first time it's interfering with his much anticipated plans with Cat (Kristin Kreuk). The two were supposed to get away to the woods for the weekend (the perfect place to go with a man who can't be seen in public), but he can't recall what happens during the blackouts and thinks he may be too dangerous to be around Cat.

JT takes down the Beast

J.T. (Austin Basis) runs some tests to determine what triggers Vincent's transformations. He has a tranquilizer gun by his side, just in case Vincent tries to hurt him, and doesn't hesitate to use it when Vince suddenly turns into the beast and throws a Hulk-like temper tantrum.

When J.T. finds out the details of Cat's latest murder, a college student gruesomely slain on campus, he fears the evidence points back to Vincent and his latest blackout.

The victim is a hated fraternity brother who took hazing a little too far. Therefore, pledges are on the top of the suspects list. During her investigation, Vincent tells Cat he might be the killer. She doesn't believe it for a second because she thinks he manages to make moral decisions even when he's in his beast mode.

J.T. tests Vincent's blood against the perp's samples and they don't match. So, what has Vincent been up to during his blackouts, if not murdering young college students?

Evan returns to the scene of the crime and winds up being attacked. He wakes up restrained under the subway by his latest college intern.

Luckily, Cat and her partner figure out the intern is a wannabe copycat serial killer and where to find his latest crime scene. Cat picks up Vincent to help her track down Evan because he knows the subway so well (and because she'll find any excuse to be around him).

Along the way, something triggers him to transform into the beast and he kills the twisted intern. Evan is saved with barely a scratch. However, he did hear the murder, so he knows there was a third party who helped save him. The problem with that is now Vincent the Vigilante has become one of NYPD's most wanted, especially after they figure out eight other bad guys have been killed recently. See, Cat, this is why J.T. doesn't want you around!

In the end, Vincent locks himself in a steel cage because he knows he can't be trusted. He and J.T. determine that his blackouts have been trigger by Cat. I think it's because he's so in love with her, she just drives him wild. Either way, they shouldn't be around each other for a while. Again.

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