Sons of Anarchy's Johnny Lewis' death ruled accidental

Nov 29, 2012 at 11:03 p.m. ET

The actor's death was a question mark. Now that the coroner has released the autopsy results, they've just created more questions.

Johnny Lewis

The mystery surrounding the death of Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis just got even more mysterious. Lewis was found dead two months ago, just after his landlady was found murdered — a murder Lewis is suspected of committing.

"The 28-year-old Sons of Anarchy actor died of traumatic injuries sustained in what can only be ruled an accidental fall due to lack of evidence that he jumped or was pushed, according to the official autopsy report released today," said E! News.

Lewis' landlady, Catherine Davis of Los Angeles, died of "blunt-force trauma and manual strangulation," said E! News. "According to a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman, Lewis was seen fighting with neighbors outside following the alleged altercation with Davis. He was then spotted climbing up on the roof and was later found dead in the driveway."

Now for the mystery. At the time of Lewis' death, the investigator on the case, Jerry McKibben, said he believed Lewis may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The actor did not donate his organs or tissue because of "recent drug use." Drugs would have been a reasonable explanation for the murder, but new information may leave many wondering why he killed his landlady — it turns out that he was sober.

Police did not comment on whether Davis' death is still being investigated or if they have ruled officially that Lewis killed her.

Lewis was a rising star in Hollywood at the time of his death. He played his first parts in 2000 on 7th Heaven and Malcolm in the Middle. The actor also appeared on shows like The OC, Boston Public and Criminal Minds, as well as in the film The Runaways with Kristen Stewart. According to E! News, Lewis once dated Katy Perry.

"Lewis was cremated and buried at sea off the coast of San Diego last month," said E! News.

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