Elementary: We'll meet Sherlock's dad... eventually

Nov 29, 2012 at 10:39 p.m. ET

When will we be introduced to Sherlock Holmes' dad? It's a question that's plagued Elementary viewers since the show premiered. The producers are busy building a mythology around the often heard of, but never seen, character.


Who is the man behind the money? CBS' Elementary is all about mystery, but the biggest one has yet to be solved. Sherlock Holmes' father has been an overbearing presence since the pilot, yet we've never seen his face. According to executive producer Rob Doherty, they'll shine a light on Papa Holmes sooner or later.

In Episode 6 ("Flight Risk"), the writers pulled the old bait and switch. They set it up so that Watson would meet the elder Holmes, but it never happened. The master detective hired a local actor to impersonate dad instead. Therefore, Watson never saw him — and neither did we.

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In a recent interview with TV Guide, Doherty admitted the role hasn't been cast yet.

"For me, when it comes to Sherlock's dad, I keep feeling like we'll know when it's right," he said. "We do want to meet him. I've been kind of fascinated by the notion of the man since we made the character part of the pilot. Yet we want to do it right, and we want to do it at the right time. It's nothing we want to rush out."

They're definitely taking their time with the reveal. Doherty's inspiration for the vague character comes from a classic '80s TV show.

"I've likened the character to Robin Masters from Magnum P.I. I don't know if you were a fan, but he owned the estate where Magnum and Higgins lived, and he was often mentioned, but never seen. It's funny. I think they actually cast Orson Welles. I think Orson Welles popped up as Robin Masters at some point, but he's not available [since he died in 1985]. On that show, he was never exposed, and I think of Vera on Cheers, or Maris on Frasier. We will get there.

Are you ready to meet Sherlock's dad?

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