Amanda Bynes defends Justin Bieber from paparazzi

Nov 29, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. ET

The actress can't escape attention, no matter how hard she tries. Recently, she stumbled upon photographers going after another celebrity and decided she had to say something about it.

Amanda Bynes

For someone who is now in "retirement," Amanda Bynes sure knows how to stay in the news. The actress found herself in the middle of a situation recently, but she decided to not run away this time.

"Bynes, whose dark hair is now a golden hue and extra long thanks to extensions, accidentally stumbled upon a group of photographers waiting to snap a picture of Justin Bieber while walking down a New York City sidewalk," said Yahoo! "Once she realized her mistake, she immediately tried to cover her face with her scarf, but it was too late."

As soon as she was recognized, Bynes tried to hightail it out of there by hailing a cab, and luckily, one pulled over right away. However, it seems she had second thoughts about abandoning her fellow celebrity, and she made the cabbie pull over so she could go back.

"Bynes scolded them for acting illegally — even though they were not — and then hopped back in the cab and headed straight to Bergdorf Goodman for a shopping spree," said Yahoo!

Bieber hasn't commented on Bynes' interceding in his paparazzi chase, but she might try to watch out for herself from now on. She is currently fighting a few different cases regarding traffic troubles she encountered over the summer.

"The actress' hearing for tomorrow regarding her misdemeanor charges of driving with a suspended license in Burbank has been continued," said E! News. "It is now set for Jan. 15 for pretrial and disposition. Meanwhile, her Beverly Hills misdemeanor hearing for her DUI is set for Dec. 5."

Bynes sought anonymity in New York after her troubles in L.A., and she also announced she wouldn't be acting anymore (we'll see how long that lasts). But despite her attempts to escape the public eye, she seems to be doing a better job at staying within range of the media than many celebrities who are actually trying to be seen.

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