Lindsay Lohan’s fist gets her arrested

It’s a day that ends in -y, so naturally Lindsay Lohan was arrested. This time, it’s for punching a woman outside a Manhattan nightclub.

Maybe the NYPD should rename a cell in honor of Lindsay Lohan? She’s there enough. Case in point: The Liz & Dick star was arrested around 4 a.m. Thursday after allegedly punching a woman outside a Manhattan nightclub, according to police.

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Lohan, 26, was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault after the incident outside Club Avenue in the city’s Chelsea neighborhood. According to TMZ, the actress exchanged words with a female patron seated near her.

“Give me my space,” Lohan reportedly told the woman, according to spies. She tried to flee with her pals, but club officials kept her there before police arrived.

And apparently she didn’t understand why she was under arrest.

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“Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?” she reportedly said while cops led her away in cuffs. She spent a few hours inside the 10th precinct and was spotted leaving a courthouse early this morning.

The arrest comes just a few days after the troubled actress told Us Weekly that she has no regrets about her past.

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“[I regret] nothing, because then I wouldn’t have been able to cry in scenes at the drop of a hat,” she said. “I have it tattooed: LIVE WITHOUT REGRETS. I’m not saying I wanted to go to a jail cell, but I’ve drawn from all of it.”

Lohan might be changing her tune, though: She’s reportedly facing major jail time for lying to the cops in a summer car accident.

Still, she wants to be taking seriously.

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“I want to be known as an actress, not a troubled starlet,” she added to the magazine. “People can think what they want, and the only thing I can do is prove them wrong.”

Try harder, Linds.

Image courtesy Adriana M. Barraza


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