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Dec 3, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. ET
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This macho blonde Brit is a key part of Sons of Anarchy, the most successful TV show FX has ever had. We like to think the cocktail of critical acclaim that the show, about a California motorcycle club, has whipped up has a lot to do with sexy Charlie Hunnam, who has ridden his way into the deepest reaches of our imagination.

Why we love him

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This British pretty boy reinvented himself as a tough guy for Sons of Anarchy — and we'd have no problem riding off into the sunset with him.

He's picky about his roles

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As hot as Charlie is, and despite the success of Sons of Anarchy (and a November Entertainment Weekly cover!), he's not quite a household name yet. But it's all part of his master plan. He told one blog about how he passed up leading parts to do the movie Cold Mountain:

"Yes, it is [hard to say no to offers] when some films do not pay as well, and you have a mortgage to pay, and you are on an economy drive eating eggs and beans," he said. "Then you are offered a million-dollar role and you turn it down, as it is not right. I want to be doing this when I am 60 and getting the big-paying roles then, so I have to pick the parts that are right for the long term rather than take the money now."

Choosy is good! We can't wait until he hits it really big.

He speaks highly of his female costars+

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In the movie 3, 2, 1... Frankie Go Boom, Charlie stars alongside Bridesmaids hottie Chris O'Dowd and raven-haired stunner Lizzy Caplan, who plays his love interest. Charlie said when Lizzy auditioned for the role, he instinctively knew she was the one for the part, and the rest is movie history. But there's no real romance behind their onscreen couplehood, he says, even though it looks like it.

"When it says we’re in love, we act like we’re in love and that’s it," he told Collider. "We shot this two years ago now, but I remember feeling, in those scenes, 'Wow, it feels like there’s something really going on between us. It feels like there’s real chemistry.' She’s like my sister. We’d go in to kiss and she’d be like, 'Dude, you should probably eat some more f***ing onions? What have you been eating, f**king salami?' There was no actual romance between us."

We love a guy who can laugh at himself — and who's a consummate professional. (Indeed, he's so serious about his craft, he full-out ignored actor Ron Perlman as preparation for the real animosity he's supposed to have for Perlman's character on Sons of Anarchy.)

He's a writer too

Charlie's not just a pretty face: In 2009, he sold a screenplay, Vlad, about a young Vlad the Impaler, to Summit Entertainment (the same company that produced the Twilight movies!). Trivia: Plan B Studios, Brad Pitt's company, is co-producing the film. And as if that wasn't enough hotness for one project, Charlie says his ideal lead actor would be either Colin Farrell or Christian Bale. But what about Charlie himself as Vlad?

"Listen, it would be a dream come true for me to play this role," he told "But I’ve had my heart-broken so many times that I’m not kidding myself that there’s any real potential. There’s a reality to making this type of film and how much it costs, and I’m just not a big enough name to justify that type of budget right now. But I definitely know this guy really well. Inevitably, because he’s my take on Vlad, he acts in a lot of ways that I can really relate to. I capitalized on the stuff that I can empathize with in terms of his story. So just by virtue of that, I would definitely be a smart candidate to consider. It’d just be whether the business machinations of the whole thing were in keeping with my desire to play that role."

No word as to when the film will be released, but we'd definitely buy a ticket if Charlie took the title role...

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Charlie Hunnam's relationship status:

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Back in 1999, Charlie married actress Katharine Towne after dating her for only four weeks; the pair split in 2002. Fast-forward to the present: He's been dating Los Angeles jewelry designer Morgana McNelis for about six years.

And, yes, she's made jewelry especially for him! Which he adored, despite himself:

"She told me she was making me a diamond encrusted ring — she’s a jewelry designer, not an actor — and I was like 'Uh-oh. This is not going to go well for me.' But I love it. It’s so discrete and beautiful," he told We checked out McNelis's jewelry line, Maison de Morgana, and we have to say: We're pretty fond of her creations too. Cheers to amore between two young professionals!

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