Deerhunter singer joins the cast of The Dallas Buyers Club

The singer has never worked as an actor before. He joins the very diverse cast along with a few other recent additions.

Jared Leto The Dallas Buyers Club, a film about the early days of the AIDS epidemic, has caused quite a bit of controversy recently, but not exactly because of its controversial subject. Star Matthew McConaughey lost a large amount of weight to play an AIDS patient, and Jared Leto has been a recent topic of conversation because of his dramatic change in appearance as well.

But the film is becoming even more interesting. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that indie-band Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox has joined the cast. Cox will play Jared Leto’s lover. Leto is also a musician, leading the band 30 Seconds to Mars, and in the film he plays a cross-dressing man dying of AIDS. McConaughey plays a man diagnosed with AIDS who takes it upon himself to find an alternative treatment.

The Dallas Buyers Club is based on Ron Woodruff, a Texas electrician who contracted HIV through drug use in the eighties,” said Rolling Stone magazine. “When doctors told him he had six months to live, Woodruff began smuggling alternative drugs into the U.S. for himself and other AIDS patients. While the medicine extended Woodruff’s life, it also pitted him against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which wanted to keep such medicine out of the country.”

Jennifer Garner is another star of the movie, and THR said that Denis O’Hare and Griffin Dunne have also joined the cast. O’Hare has most recently appeared in The Good Wife, True Blood, American Horror Story and J. Edgar and has been in over 100 different projects since 1993. Dunne most recently appeared in House of Lies and Damages, but he has been acting for almost four decades. Garner plays a doctor in the film.

Bradford Cox helped write the score for Where the Wild Things Are, but The Dallas Buyers Club will be his film acting debut.

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