Magazine names worst-dressed stars of 2012

Us Weekly has named the 12 worst-dressed celebs of 2012, dinging stars such as Kelly Osbourne and Nicki Minaj for scary fashions.

Nicki Minaj luanches Pink Friday

So maybe the editors at Us Weekly don’t like cotton-candy wigs? Nicki Minaj, seen here shilling her fragrance Pink Friday, landed at the top of the gossip magazine’s list of worst-dressed celebrities in 2012.

Minaj grabbed the top spot for fashion crimes such as furry leg warmers, rainbow-colored wigs, and a penchant for skirts so short they might as well be belts.

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Kelly Osbourne at New York Fashion Week

Fashionista Kelly Osbourne nabbed the second spot on the list and was portrayed in a series of sherbet-colored outfits, accessorized with odd hairstyling choices (a top-knot is very hard to carry off, Kelly — just ask Wilma Flintstone or any samurai!) and hideous sunglasses.

Here’s Osbourne at New York Fashion Week, a time when many outrageous outfits strut the runway, and the viewing crowd tries its hardest to keep pace. Surely, that is why Osbourne chose to cloak herself in colors more typically found in aquarium rocks or fishing lures.

Much of the rest of the list is made up of “are they celebrities?” like Kat Graham (who plays Bonnie Bennett on The CW’s Vampire Diaries) and Aubrey O’Day (a reality TV “star” better known for boob-exposing red carpet looks than her TV/singing career), as well as non-surprises: Everybody knows Helena Bonham Carter dresses as if she’s working at a 19th century cathouse frequented by customers with a penchant for equestriennes.

But at least one inclusion is a a shocker: Chloe Sevigny, long known as a style icon, holds down the ninth spot on the list.

Chloe Sevigny at Jeffrey Fashion Cares

Sevigny, a fashion risk taker, went off the taste cliff with outfits like this bra-exposing number she wore to an NYC Fashion event. Looks like she combined a fishnet top from the ’80s with one of those wrap-around towels bath stores sell to male customers, and then topped it off with the Meg Ryan insouciant cap of hair: I just ran my fingers through it with some mousse and I was done! Imagine!

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Avert your eyes from the bra, readers. Avert. It will all be over soon.

Nicki Minaj image courtesy PNP/; Kelly Osborne image courtesy B.Dowling/, Chloe Sevigny image courtesy Andres Otero/