Revolution recap: Miles vs. Monroe

The fight for power continues as Miles and Monroe face off for the first time in the Revolution fall finale!

The militia captures Charlie

While wandering the dangerous streets of Philadelphia, the gang decides to seek refuge with Miles’ (Billy Burke) old friend, Kip. Unfortunately, Captain Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) has received word that Miles has finally arrived and it doesn’t take long for him to do the math and figure out where he’s staying. While Miles is out looking for where Monroe (David Lyons) is hiding Danny,  Neville and the militia burst into Kip’s house in the middle of the night and take Charlie, Aaron and Nora.

Captain Neville throws Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) into a cell with her mother (I guess Rachel got demoted from the fancy digs after she stabbed Dr. Jaffe.). Charlie is confused, to say the least, when she sees that her mother is still alive. Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) tries to explain how she wound up there, but Charlie doesn’t want to hear it. I wish she would have let her talk because I’m curious why Rachel joined Monroe in the first place!

Monroe and Neville are holding the crew as bait for Miles, but once again he is a step ahead and doesn’t fall for their trap. Instead, he waits in Neville’s home with a knife to his wife’s throat. When Neville discovers the scene, he immediately gives up Aaron and Nora, as well as Charlie and Danny’s location.

Charlie and Rachel manage to escape from their cell and track down Danny, but the militia is right behind them. Monroe is still trying to force Rachel to finish the work on the amplifier and sees an opportunity in having both of her children there. He threatens to shoot one of them if she doesn’t agree to finish the work. Charlie understands how dangerous it would be if Monroe was able to power his weapons and she offers herself as a sacrifice. Rachel can’t accept watching her daughter die and finally agrees to do the work.

Miles and Nora go after Charlie and Danny and that’s when Miles realizes for the first time Rachel is alive. He runs into her right after she’s finished the amplifier and killed the guard who was watching (and harassing) her.

Miles vs. Monroe

In the hallway, Miles finally runs into Monroe and his men. There is a shoot-out until its only the frenemies left standing. Monroe tells Miles he wants him to come back and join the militia and that they are family. He seems really heartfelt and sincere about it. Miles was his best friend and his only family after his parents and sisters were killed by a drunken driver. The two men lower their weapons, but Miles explains that Monroe means nothing to him anymore. He’s not the same man he used to be. Monroe is clearly wounded by the news and the two men battle it out in an awesome sword fight.

Miles and Monroe are both left standing at the end of the fight and Miles escapes with his “real family.” As the gang, which now also includes Rachel and Danny, run away from the base, militia helicopters begin to fly. They may have finally rescued Danny, but they certainly have bigger problems on their hands now.

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