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Monsters, Inc movie review: The perfect holiday treat

Adding 3-D technology to this classic Pixar movie makes a wonderful holiday gift. A whole new generation will discover the fun of Sulley and Mike Wazowski.

Monsters, Inc.

4 Stars: Perfect for kids of all ages

Sulley (John Goodman) and Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) are two gleeful monsters who work to collect children’s screams to power the town of Monstropolis. Each unique, animal-inspired beastie is assigned to a child and given access to the child’s bedroom door.

Superb at their job, the tables turn on Sulley and Mike Wazowski when Boo (Mary Gibbs), a darling little tyke who communicates with adorable squawks and mumbles, toddles into the monster factory.

Having been taught that humans are highly toxic if touched by a monster, Sulley worries about the girl’s fate if she’s caught by the Child Detection Agency, a team of faceless workers who trample around in haz-mat suits carrying high-powered vacuums.

Meanwhile, Mike Wazowski pursues an office romance with receptionist Celia (Jennifer Tilly), a pretty Cyclops whose hair is made of a dozen snakes. But Wazowski is forced to abandon Celia at a sushi restaurant to help his best buddy Sulley hide Boo and hopefully return her to her home.

It’s easy to understand why Sulley feels so protective of Boo, who was animated with the frenetic energy unique to two-year-olds. She bounces, bops and bounds about tirelessly, curious about the new world around her. Pixar masterfully captures the spirit of being in the presence of a toddler.

Randall Boggs (Steve Buscemi) is delightful as the conniving chameleon-type monster, who has the ability to turn invisible, making for a number of fun comedic bits. He’s jealous of Sulley’s top-ranking success as a “scarer” and decides to undermine him.

These monsters are actually quite cute and cuddly and shouldn’t be too scary for even your littlest ones.

Bottom line: Sulley and Wazowski are the two most lovable monsters ever animated and the 3-D is a fun addition to this classic cartoon.

Photo credit: Disney

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