Music review: Biffy Clyro’s “Black Chandelier

Biffy Clyro impresses with their grim but lulling latest single, generating anticipation for their 2013 album release.

Members of Biffy Clyro

The last time I fell in love, ironically, was not with a man but with a song. Remember the 2010 movie Charlie St. Cloud, with our favorite guilty pleasure Zac Efron? Well, Biffy Clyro were responsible for the soothingly spine-tingling track “Many of Horror” that played along with the trailer. This time, with a new single off the album Opposites (to be released in the United States on March 13, 2013), what surprised me was their similarities with another talented band, Blue October.

Dan Martin, in a review for, describes their “impression of a grown-up rock band” in this featured song as “compelling.” I myself am sold, even though I am not familiar with their earlier, and more risky, tracks. This is a universally appealing song, although with enough “rock” to make it not generically radio friendly. This alone may please the many music junkies who like finding gems in the sea of untapped music.

“Drip, drip, drip…”

This song starts off unusually, almost immediately prompting your confusion and doubt. Where is this going? you ask. Well, worry not, because very quickly the layers seamlessly combine, almost creating a symphony of thoughts, emotions, instruments and passion — all afire. Dripping with affliction, the song itself is mellow, but it kicks in with a good share of tormented outburts (pulsing drums and fervent guitar help with this). The instruments and voices mesh for a wildly attractive and addicting melody. Even more haunting is the vivid imagery used in my favorite lyrical moment:

“You left my heart like an abandoned car,
Old and worn, I no use it all.”

The music goes wayward for a bit, really lighting the instrumental fuse, but soon the explosion fades away, getting back to the emotionally rigorous, lyrical venting that really made me fall for this song. It may not be your conventional cup of tea, but give it a listen and find out for yourself!

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