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Jessica Simpson’s extreme crash diet

Weight Watchers celebrity spokesperson is losing too quickly, according to company guidelines.

Jessica Simpson signs autographs

Jessica Simpson has unveiled a new post-baby body that’s dramatically thinner — 60 pounds lighter after a four-month “crash diet plan,” reports TMZ

Oddly, the quick loss seems to contradict both Weight Watchers’ recommendations on weight loss, and Simpson’s own statements about dieting.

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“Weight Watchers isn’t a diet or a quick fix. It’s a lifestyle that lets me eat what I want at home, at restaurants, wherever. Without feeling deprived,” says Simpson on the official Simpson Weight Watchers page.

So what you want to eat, according to the diet plans TMZ obtained, is three smoothies and two small snacks a day?

That’s what Simpson was reportedly eating during the first phase of her it’s-not-a-diet, according to the documents obtained by TMZ.

That early phase then made a transition into a more normal diet, with chef-made treats whipped up for Simpson at home, including egg-white omelets and flank steak.

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However, Simpson’s weight loss has been extraordinarily quick. Weight Watchers recommends losing no more than 2 pounds a week, cautioning that a faster loss can lead to health risks and rebound weight gains.

Weight Watchers official materials particularly caution new breastfeeding moms: “Breastfeeding women need an extra 500 calories per day to provide an adequate milk supply,” Weight Watchers writes, adding that experts recommend losing only a pound a week while breastfeeding.

Simpson lost 60 pounds over 16 weeks, at least double the rate recommended by Weight Watchers, which hasn’t commented on Simpson’s most recent announcements.

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