666 Park Avenue recap: You have to pay to play

After Jane is found wandering the streets of Manhattan with no recollection of what happened to her, she’s put under watch at a psych ward for 48 hours. Will she get out before she actually goes crazy?

Janes goes to the Psych Ward

Jane (Rachael Taylor) has been missing for 36 hours. The last person to see her alive was Nona. After the mosaic opened up, a red winding staircase appeared in the floor and trapped Jane underground. Of course, Nona isn’t telling anyone about it. Smart girl.

Detective Cooper (Teddy Sears) is back and on the case, which is good for Jane because he’s had weird ghostlike experiences as well and doesn’t think she’s crazy. She’s really going to need someone on her side after they find her wandering the streets of Manhattan. Now, she’s at the psych ward for 48 hours because she won’t speak and can’t remember what happened after she disappeared.

Henry really wants to help Jane, but he’s mostly under the impression that she’s sick. So, Detective Cooper comes to Jane’s rescue and helps her escape. But, not before Jane discovers Julian Waters. Julian has the same symptoms she does, but he’s locked up and never leaving the hospital. When Jane sneaks out of her room to find him, he tells her that he didn’t go “down” the staircase, he “came” up the staircase. Then, he kills himself.

Meanwhile, back at the Drake, Alexis (Helena Mattsson) is still being a creeper. Lu comes home and admits to Brian that she was in rehab for her pill addiction. The two seem prepared to work our their marital issues, but Alexis doesn’t share their enthusiasm. She tells Brian that the “universe wants us to be together” and explains that his sudden inspiration to write is a result of their steamy affair. When he tells her he doesn’t want anything to do with her, his ability to write actually disappears. His laptop stops working and his pens run out of ink. Frustrated, he runs back to Alexis’ house to yell at her, but winds up trapped her in web of sexiness again and kisses her.

Later, Alexis approaches Gavin (Terry O’Quinn) to thank him for his help with “that issue,” but says she can’t deal with the guilt anymore. She isn’t the kind of person to ruin a marriage and she’s not handling it well. “You have to pay to play” Gavin tells her. He’s not going to let her off the hook, but what does he want with Brian and Lu?

The biggest shocker is when Mr. Shay not only reveals the location of the red box because Gavin has used his evil powers to trick him, but tells Olivia (Vanessa Williams) that her daughter is alive and he can prove it.

I wonder what kind of punishment will there be for faking your own suicide because your father is the Devil’s partner in crime? I bet there’s going to be some serious hell to pay.

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