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Skyfall becomes highest-grossing Bond film of all time

Skyfall just became the highest-grossing film of all time, after being out for only a few weeks. But if you adjust for inflation, the latest Bond film has a ways to go to hit the top.

Only a few weeks after its release, Skyfall has jumped into the history books by becoming the highest-grossing Bond film of all time. The movie recently surpassed the previous record of $168 million set by Quantum of Solace.

According to Box Office Mojo, the numbers are for domestic sales and don’t account for inflation, which means Skyfall was really only in competition with the James Bond movies beginning with GoldenEye in 1995. That film ended up grossing just over $106 million. The first film, Dr. No in 1963, raked in just $16 million. However, 1964’s Goldfinger made a huge leap and earned $63 million.

The numbers have varied since then, but the franchise didn’t hit the $100 million mark until the 1990s. The franchise total is almost $1.8 billion — and that’s just domestically.

However, according to Box Office Mojo, if you adjust for inflation, Skyfall is far from the top. The $174 million earned puts it at No. 13 out of 24 films. Thunderball, released in 1965, would have earned $583 million in today’s money. Goldfinger would come in today at No. 2 with $526 million.

But since it’s only been out for a few weeks, Skyfall has a good chance of overtaking that $583 million goal.

Part of the the franchise’s success comes from the Bond girls. James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, recently commented on one actress’s wish to be the next Bond girl. Kristen Stewart told a reporter she might be interested in playing the part in the future, but Craig seemed less than happy at the thought.

“No,” Craig answered, according to E! News. “She’s in Twilight.”

Twilight fans might take offense at that comment, but the genres and fans of the two franchises are definitely different. Craig quickly added that he was kidding and that the competition between the two movies is what made him say that.

“No, I’m being nasty. I’m only saying that because it’s [Breaking Dawn — Part 2] coming out this weekend, so we’re in direct competition with them,” he said. “I’m sure she’d make a great Bond girl.”

Knowing the James Bond franchise, the people involved are probably already busy working on the next film.

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