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Dustin Lynch is just a Tennessee guy with big dreams

Get to know one of country’s hottest new stars, Dustin Lynch, as he talks to about his hit single, “Cowboys and Angels.”

Dustin Lynch talks to about "Cowboys and Angels"

Dustin Lynch’s self-titled debut album skyrocketed to No. 1 on the U.S. country charts with the help of his hit single “Cowboys and Angels.” Lynch shares his success story with and lets us in on a scandalous secret.

Terrible first jobs with big dreams

SK: We know you worked in a chemical lab before you hit it big. Tell us about that.

DL: Yeah. I was actually cutting grass when I first got to Nashville and I realized that wasn’t the best for my voice — I was cutting grass all day and then trying to sing all night. So, I don’t know why I thought it was a better option, but I went to that [chemical lab] job and tested sewage. You know what? It was so terrible [and] it kind of got me in gear. I was like, ‘I’ve got to get this songwriting, singing thing going. So, yeah, I kind of hurried out of that job.

The famous Bluebird Cafe in Nashville

SK: So you ventured over to the Bluebird Cafe, is that correct?

DL: Yeah, well the Bluebird Cafe was the only spot I knew to go to when I moved to [Nashville] nine years ago. I didn’t know a soul here. I knew my hero Garth Brooks hung out at the Bluebird, and so the first night I was in town I went to the Bluebird and fell in love with it. I was trying to be a better songwriter and going there to dream, to dream big. And so that was home base and still is.

Hit singles: “Cowboys and Angels” & “She Cranks My Tractor”

SK: “Cowboys and Angels” is a huge hit. Where did you get the inspiration for that song?

DL: Well, we wrote it about 2½ half years ago… there’s just something about these words (cowboys and angels)… I was so shy around Tim and Josh (fellow songwriters Tim Nichols and Josh Leo) that I didn’t throw any ideas around. Tim started throwing ideas out and about the fourth idea he got to was cowboys and angels — he had it written down in his book, too. So for two guys to have never met each other, to have the same idea, it was [fate].”

SK: Tell us about the music you are working on now?

DL: Well my first album came out in August and debuted at No. 1 (on the U.S. Country Billboard charts), which was just mind-blowing. And so we’ve just been touring around, playing everywhere we can and meeting all sorts of people. We got a new single coming out,  my second single, called, “She Cranks My Tractor,” which is not about tractors at all — it’s about country girls.

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