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The fight for Ariel Winter continues

The battle for guardianship of Modern Family star Ariel Winter continues today in a Los Angeles courtroom as the judge weighs in on all of the declarations and recommendations.

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The custody battle for Ariel Winter rages on.

There are so many players in this saga, it’s hard to track who wants custody of one 14-year-old Hollywood actress.

If you’re keeping score in the Ariel Winter custody case, here’s how it all breaks down: Ariel, her older sister Shanelle Workman and Child Protective Services recommend that Winter stay in the care of her older sister.

In the other corner, Chrystal Workman, Winter’s mother, is trying to regain custody of her 14-year-old daughter.

Winter’s older brother, Jimmy Workman, originally recommended that custody be returned to their mother, but he has now flip-flopped and said that his younger sister belongs with their dad.

Finally, Glenn Workman, who is still legally married to Ariel’s mother, believes he should be in charge of his daughter.

These charges and family issues are all playing out in a Los Angeles courtroom today as the Modern Family star fights for her right to stay with her sister, Shanelle, after alleging continuous abuse under her mother’s care. The court is taking all sides into consideration, so it’s possible that other recommendations will be made by the judge.

TMZ spoke with Winter’s brother outside the courtroom today. He told them, “Hopefully my father gets custody of my sister, which it should be.”

Their dad, Glenn, wrote his own declaration to the court which stated, “I am physically, emotionally, and financially capable of caring for my daughter, without limitation.”

The challenge to all of this is that Winter wants to remain with her sister, Shanelle, and she has CPS backing her case. If her older sister is granted the guardianship, it will be considered a formal agreement.

TMZ is calling the story up-to-the-minute and the judge is currently reading reports from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

Neither Ariel nor her sister was in court this morning; only their lawyers were present.

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