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Gifts that will give your guy celebrity swagger this holiday season

While women typically have no qualms admitting their celebrity obsessions, men can be a bit more reticent to cop up to their own fascination with the famous. Do your dude a favor and give him a gift this year full of the celeb style he may not ‘fess up to craving.

Bret Michaels’ Pet Hoodie

Bret Michaels’ pet hoodie

You want the family pooch to prance around in cute little cardigans, but your guy wants man’s best friend in something decidedly more macho. Strike a compromise with this edgy “Stop, Drop and Rock & Roll” striped hoodie ($6, from bad-boy rocker Bret Michaels’ Pets Rock Collection.

Lil Jon’s CRUNK!!! Energy Drink

Lil Jon’s CRUNK!!! energy drink

Men love their energy drinks like women love their grande nonfat caramel macchiatos from Starbucks. And, let’s face it, guys love getting away with saying as little as possible just as much — if not more — than a caffeine fix. Wrap up Lil Jon’s CRUNK!!! juice (, $17/eightpack) and let your main squeeze off the hook if he answers all your questions with “Whaaaaat,” “Yeaaa-uh” or “O-kaaay” for one afternoon.

George Foreman Classic-Plate 36-inch Fixed Plate Grill

George Foreman 36-inch fixed plate grill

Here’s a classic guy’s gift that benefits both you and your beloved. The George Foreman 36-inch fixed plate grill (, $50) offers an impressive 96 square inches of cooking surface with Foreman’s signature sloped design, which allows fat and grease to drain away from your food. And, really, what guy doesn’t love grilling up meaty goodness?

T-Pain’s “I Am T-Pain” Mic

T-Pain’s “I Am T-Pain” Mic

First, there was the T-Pain iPhone app that had guys everywhere autotuning little ditties all day long. Now, sounding like the rapper can be a reality for everyone and their brother — thanks to the “I Am T-Pain Mic (, $30). The addictively fun gadget, which records your voice and modifies it into a finished MP3, features three demo beats and a variety of soundbites to enhance your man’s musical stylings.

Crown Jewel Royal Wedding Condoms

Crown Jewels Royal Wedding condoms

If your fella is feeling particularly frisky this holiday season, stuff his stocking with a box of Royal Wedding commemorative condoms by Crown Jewels Condoms of Distinction (, $15). They’ll serve as a subtle reminder of romance and — well, yeah — and he’ll get a good laugh from the in-no-way-whatsoever-endorsed-by-the-royals “regal prophylactics.”

Snoop Dogg Velvet House Shoes

Snoop Dogg velvet house shoes

Your man may not be laid back, sippin’ on gin and juice, this holiday season, but that doesn’t mean he can’t kick it Snoop Dogg-style while putting up the Christmas tree. Packaged in a 100 percent velvet signature Snoop Dogg tote, these velvet house shoes (, $32) will keep his toes tight like a G, yo.

A Pitt Pollaro Collection Custom Furniture Piece

A Pitt Pollaro Collection custom furniture piece

This gift is not for the faint of heart, but if you are in your relationship for the long haul, a custom furniture piece designed by Brad Pitt (, Price upon request) — in collaboration with furniture designer Frank Pollaro — will knock your man’s socks off. Hurry, though: Each of the line’s nine pieces is signed, numbered, unique — and limited.

Chuck Norris Poster

Chuck Norris poster

Chuck Norris doesn’t do push-ups; he pushes the ground down. In the past few years, you’ve likely heard a Chuck Norris-ism or two such as this, as the Chuck Norris fascination phenomenon has taken hold of guykind. This 22-by-34-inch poster immortalizing the martial arts icon (, $9) would be the perfect addition to any man cave.

Dan Akroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka

Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head vodka

If the shiny skull decanter doesn’t make the guy in your life go gaga, we’re positive what’s inside it will — premium vodka that is quadruple-distilled and triple-filtered through charcoal and Herkimer diamond crystals. Plus, Crystal Head Vodka (, $50) is the brainchild of Dan Aykroyd, and who wouldn’t appreciate that?

A Stay and Play Package to JT’s Mirimichi Golf Course

A Stay and Play Package to JT’s Mirimichi golf course

The average dude obsesses over tee times about as much as the average woman obsesses over her dude. Pick up major brownie points with your link-lover by bestowing him with a stay-and-play package to Justin Timberlake’s beloved Mirimichi golf course (, Price varies depending on package) — Mr. Jessica Biel dropped $16 million on the course to completely revamp it in an eco-friendly way.

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