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Black Friday deals to keep you entertained

Looking for Black Friday Deals? We’ve got them right here! Take note, though: Black Friday starts early this year. (Like… today!)

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Black Friday deals

Hey bargain hunters,
listen up!

Looking for Black Friday Deals? We’ve got them right here! Take note, though: Black Friday starts early this year. (Like… today!)

Retailers have recently begun the redefining of Black Friday. It’s no longer just one day where shoppers go insane and stores see their profit margins go from red to black. It’s become a week-long event. Walmart’s “Black Friday” ad starts on Thursday (yes, during dinner). Meanwhile, both Target and Amazon are running special pre-Friday sales all week. As Black Friday lengthens into Black Week, keeping up with deals can be stressful. Luckily for you, SheKnows is on top of the madness.

We’ll start small…

DVDs are, without a doubt, one of the best gifts to get someone. From your favorite relative to your secret Santa at work, if you know even the vaguest details about a person you can pick out a few DVDs or TV on DVDs to make them happy.

Target already has entire seasons for $8-$10! Try:

  • TV on DVD at TargetGilmore Girls — for Mom, your teenage sister or that friend who talks a mile a minute.
  • How I Met Your Mother — for the new(-ish) boyfriend or the funny and cute co-worker you traded and bribed your way into getting for secret Santa.
  • Little House on the Prairie — for Aunt Martha, Grandma, the eight-year-old niece who wants a Kaya, Caroline, Marie-Grace or Addy American Girl doll.
  • Chuck — for anyone, really. Especially, Dad or the significant other who loves spy movies.

For the obsessive TV viewer:

  • Roku HD streaming player ($40, Best Buy)With the Roku, your television and high-speed internet (wi-fi or a connection to a DSL or cable modem), you can watch hundreds of channels and anything available on the internet. Genius!


If you want movies on DVD or Blu-ray, Walmart or Best Buy has the biggest selection of awesome deals. They’re so cheap, you can even bundle a few together. We think these bundles would go over well…

Need to tell someone to keep the Avengers explosions to himself?

Earbud Yo-Yo

Earbuds are great gifts that are easy to personalize. Everyone from Target (including their dollar section) to The Container Store (in the stocking stuffer bins) carries super-cute earbuds in the shape of frogs, flowers, guitars, etc. They’re not always cheap, but they’re always a hit.

Once you’ve got those adorable buds, don’t forget to keep them working by keeping the cords free from kinks and tangles. We recommend: Earbud Yo-Yos! Available in a million colors, Earbud Yo-Yos are an excellent way to keep your cord from tangling up with itself (or with you).

Still need a way to watch those bad boys?


  • Orion 24″ LED-LCD HDTV, $78, Walmart, Thanksgiving
  • Insignia 26″ LED HDTV, $100, Best Buy
  • Apex 32″ TV, $147, Target
  • Toshiba 40″ LCD HDTV, $179, Best Buy
  • Emerson 50″ LCD TV, $298, Walmart
  • Samsung 51″ Plasma TV, $478, Walmart, Thanksgiving
  • Vizio 60″ Smart LED HDTV, $688, Walmart, Thanksgiving

the Hottest deals

Memorex DVD player $20, Target, and Toshiba Smart Wi-Fi Blu-ray player $40, Best Buy

About that gamer in the family…

Game systems:

  • Wii, $89, Walmart, Thanksgiving
  • Nintendo 3DS, $149, Best Buy
  • XBox 360 Bundle (Included: 250G console, wireless controller, headset, Forza Motorsport 4, Skyrim 4, and 1 month of XBox Live), $199, Best Buy & Target
  • XBox 360 with Kinnect (plus 2 games), $199, Target


  • Various Call of Duty games for XBox 360, $10-$25, Target
  • Assassins Creed III, Borderlands 2, Halo Reach, Grand Theft Auto IV and Madden NFL ’13 for XBox 360 and PS3, $15-$35, Best Buy
  • Dance Central 3, Just Dance 4 and Wipeout for Kinnect, $25, Best Buy

Whew! That was a long list! Make sure to check your local ads, too, for anything we might have missed. Good luck saving those Benjamins. Happy shopping!

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