Editor’s video pick: Kristy Lee Cook’s “Airborne Ranger Infantry

In collaborating with her father for “Airborne Ranger Infantry,” Kristy Lee Cook visually recaps the familial tests that are endured by the honorable men and women who serve.

Kristy Lee Cook Devoted to her dad and her country

The portrait on the right may jog your memory, as she was a fresh-faced contestant on American Idol. Meet Kristy Lee Cook, daughter of Larry Cook, who fought in the extraction period of the Vietnam War. As a result, she turned four letters of poetry describing his experiences into a song.

Co-written by Kristy, her father, Michael Logen and Luke Sheets, the startling lyrics hit close to home. How often do we hear of men or women who went into war? How often do we hear of those dying to protect freedom — our freedom? These people are all fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers and children to someone.

Precious moments in war times

Dressed to impress in a flowing, flowery cream dress (looking a bit like a younger Miranda Lambert), the wind blows through Kristy’s golden hair as she sings notes from her heart. Images of families saying goodbye and sharing the most tender scenes will tug at your heartstrings.

All of us who have a special place in our hearts for our fathers suddenly realize that the men who fought for and served the nation were all just boys when they did. The music video does an unnervingly superb job of capturing the purity of the men who go in with the humblest of motives, leaving behind their legacy. The line “just a boy in a hole with an M-16” is probably what shook me the most. In an interview with The Boot, Cook says, “I wouldn’t have written the song if my dad hadn’t written those poems.” Well, many people will thank this graceful and talented artist for her insight into a world that is often removed from understanding.

Will restore your feelings of gratitude

Many of those who have made and endured the sacrifice for their country were chosen irrespective of maturity or will, but brought forth bravery onto the battleground that is shown in this inspiring music video. Really making you grateful for the freedom you take for granted every day, the scenes of the families involved also show the state of mind they must have been in to be able to walk away — and their motivation to ensure they return. The lyrics are powerful enough alone, but aided by the visual recreation it’s all sublimely numbing.

Photo courtesy of Ray Filmano/WENN

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