Editor’s video pick: Kelly Clarkson’s “Catch My Breath

In her premiere for “Catch My Breath,” Kelly Clarkson leaves us speechless with her flawless beauty and vibrant performance.

Kelly Clarkson Live

When I saw Kelly Clarkson‘s “Catch My Breath” music video premiere, I was wondering how she would visually depict such a profound song. As you may know, the lyrics relate to empowerment and being true to who you are, after allowing the world to tell you how to act. I was expecting an intricate plot and lots of rain — and maybe a slap in someone’s face.

Nope, you don’t get to be distracted by anything else but her perfect voice. The focus is all on Clarkson. Walking through fire and walking on water, the music video almost evokes visual ecstasy with the vibrant colors and transitions. Not to mention, Madame Clarkson looks absolutely stunning in her ensemble — a long flowing black evening gown.

This goes back to my point about Kelly Clarkson being more about her music than performing it. Her voice does all the work necessary; however, it was a pleasant surprise to see her dolled up and glamorous. She is truly a stunning woman who proves you don’t need to look like Barbie (the real one or wannabe Nicki Minaj) to be pretty.

Kelly Clarkson has such incredible talent that you wonder what other creativity remains undiscovered in our wonderful country. Attributing her breakthrough success to an American Idol beginning, she has paved the way for vivacious, independent female artists who are all about using music as a communicative tool. Her songs are full of life lessons, and she relies heavily on their content, not necessarily her performance, to drive the point home.

What Sarah McLachlan and Alanis Morissette may have been to one generation, Kelly Clarkson may be to this one. No, they are not similar in sound by any means, but in terms of role models who sing songs of liberation and promote positive body- and self-imagery, I can draw parallels.

This track is the headlining single off her Nov. 16-released album, Greatest Hits: Chapter 1. Before you run out to buy the album (if you haven’t already), let us know what you think of her music video below!

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