Peter Facinelli has a hot new girl

Move over, Jennie GarthPeter Facinelli is ready for a new relationship too.

Peter Facinelli has a new girlfriend

It’s been eight months since Peter Facinelli split from wife Jennie Garth, but it seems like he’s finally ready to move on to a new relationship. The man known as Carlisle Cullen arrived at a Thursday night screening of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 in New York City with 28-year-old Jaimie Alexander, his sometimes co-star on Nurse Jackie.

“They have been very discreet of their relationship,” a source told Us Weekly of their relationship.

It’s hard not to be happy for the handsome actor, especially since Garth has been talking about dating at every turn.

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“I just don’t know how to date,” she told Jeff Probst on his talk show earlier this month. “It’s not like I want someone to treat me badly. I want somebody who looks like they could treat me badly, but then really treats me good.”

Facinelli has mostly kept quiet about his personal life since the split, only saying that he didn’t cheat on his wife of over a decade.

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“There are rumors out there which are completely untrue and hurtful to our family,” the pair told People in March. “We just want to make it very clear — there are no third parties involved.”

These days, they’re more worried about where their three daughters are going to spend the holidays.

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“Their dad and I are hammering out the details of that, which is weird,” Garth told Us Weekly earlier this week. “They’re actually gonna be with him for Thanksgiving and I’m gonna be with some friends, and then I get to have them for Christmas.”

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