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Exclusive clip: The Fitzgerald Family Christmas

Edward Burns is bringing Christmas home to the whole family, but it’s not as simple as just putting the presents under the tree.

Edward Burns and Connie Britton star in this incredibly raw holiday story set to hit theaters on Dec. 7.

True to most family Christmases, beneath the sparkly gift wrap and delicious food remains a past — sometimes good and sometimes painful — but the season brings about a desire to move forward.

For the Fitzgeralds, Christmas is a constant reminder that the head of the household walked out some 20 years before, taking with him any remaining trust and childhood innocence.

In the spirit of healing, Gerry (Burns) has rallied his family to prepare for the reunion of the stranger who was once their father.

Understandably enough, the heartbreak and confusion his absence has cost has the remainder of the Fitzgerald family up in the air about the proposal.

Amidst the aches and the dilemmas they all face, the Fitzgeralds are reminded of the unity and strength that has pulled them together thus far, and this notion even warms Gerry up to the idea of tempting fate with Nora (Britton), who from the looks of this incredible exclusive clip above, has the potential for a similar stronghold and understanding throughout the whole ordeal.

This isn’t the typical holiday cheer-type film that has stagnated the box office over and over again.

Instead, Burns states this is, “his most personal film to date.”

For an honest look into the realistic struggles and blessings in disguise that often move the Christmas season, be sure to check out The Fitzgerald Family Christmas on VOD and iTunes starting this Wednesday, November 21.

Video Courtesy of Tribeca Film

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