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Exclusive The Guilt Trip debut artwork, trailer

Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand are on the trip of a lifetime. Catch the exclusive artwork and TV spot below!

Exclusive: The Guilt Trip
Guilt Trip

Andy Brewster (Rogen) is finally growing up. He’s decided to hit the road to make a name for himself, selling his inventions all across the States. Unfortunately for him (enjoyably for us!), his mother (Streisand) has caught wind of the gig and called shotgun for the cross-country endeavor.

From the miraculous moments that make you say “aww” in the mother-son dynamic to the perpetual teen angst-like embarrassment of your mom cramping your style, Babs and Rogen have got this down.

Together, they’ve got eight days of bonding and 3000 miles and all the chaos behind it, from sleeping in strip clubs to sales pitches, gambling and hitchhikers.

Nothing like trying to score a date with Mom right around the corner!

It might not be the traditional approach, but the drive proves to be a crash-course mission of camaraderie.

The Guilt Trip

“Notice anything different?” Streisand asks in the brand new TV spot (below).

“Yeah,” Rogen says. “You gamble all night and you get drunk at 7 a.m.”

And just look at that cheek-pinching fun. These exclusive pictures give us an inside look at the Rogen-Babs chemistry that will surely move this film in the right direction.

The Guilt Trip marks Babs’ first return to the big screen since a similar motherly role in 2010’s Meet the Fockers. Streisand may be 70 years old but this four-wheeled adventure shows she’s still running strong and will even down a few, just for good measure.

This looks like one hilarious ride!

The Guilt Trip rolls into theaters Dec. 19.

Watch The Guilt Trip TV spot

Images and video courtesy of Paramount Pictures

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