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Nashville recap: Time to move on

Juliette Barnes once told Deacon that she didn’t have anyone in her life who really cared. This week’s Nashville showed us that might be changing. Also, is Rayna turning over a new leaf?

Nashville recap

Hayden Panettiere claims she’s not channeling Taylor Swift with her portrayal of country princess Juliette Barnes on Nashville. This week’s episode makes us seriously question that, though — especially since Juliette goes on a sham date with squeaky clean NFL star Sean Butler (Tilky Montgomery) to help rehab her image after that whole nail polish incident.

“You know this is a setup, right? It’s just our publicists playing up being good at their jobs. It’s not an actual date,” Juliette tells the smitten Sean.

“Yeah, I just figured we could enjoy it anyway, you know?” Sean replied. “Get to know each other a little.”

So, we’ll give you two seconds to figure out what real-life situation this mirrors. Time’s up. If you guessed T-Swizzle’s date with virginal New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, you’re right.

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The biggest difference between the two is that Swift and Tebow didn’t go anywhere, but Sean and Juliette just might. She eventually swindles him into an impromptu trip to South Beach.

“We’re young. We’re hot. And I’ve got a jet,” she tells the jock, “Let’s go, choirboy!”

However, things go bad when a jerky paparazzo taunts Juliette outside a South Beach club for her past problems, leading the stand-up Sean to fight for her honor. She pays the photog $25K to keep the pictures out of the media, keeping his sparkling image intact.

Will this guy be enough to change Juliette?

Rayna abandons her SUV sound

It’s no secret that Rayna James (Connie Britton) needs to do something to save her sinking career, stat. She showed last week that she has prowess as a songwriter, but the next step in her career revamp is a completely new sound.

Enter Irish rocker Liam McGuiness, otherwise known as “one of the top 10 most downloaded artists on iTunes.”

The problem? He wants nothing to do with Rayna.

“You’re moms and SUVs. That’s a language I just don’t speak,” he tells the country queen before shutting the door in her face.

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He caves after she strokes his ego (figuratively, of course). They record a song and she gets blackout drunk.

“It’s electric… It’s you,” Liam declares in the recording booth.

We still can’t picture her as a country rocker, but whatever.

Teddy continues to be Lamar’s puppet

Nashville recap

Anyone else completely over the political angle of the show? We definitely are, especially since the promising angle of Teddy’s possible embezzlement prosecution fizzled out without a scandal.

This week, we found out that Teddy has no backbone and will do whatever it takes to win an election he never really wanted in the first place. He told Lamar he wouldn’t do anything to shame opponent Coleman, but that quickly goes by the wayside in favor of a politics-as-usual campaign.

“You said you want to be the mayor of Nashville. You said you’d do whatever it took,” Lamar reminded Teddy.

The result? Cops finds the prescription drugs that Deacon gave Coleman last week. He handles it well, given the possible political implications. Teddy doesn’t know that Coleman has an arsenal of questionable photos of him with Peggy. This is not looking good for you, Teddy.

Scarlett grows a backbone

Teddy might be spineless, but Scarlett is finally(?) done with Avery and his double standard, especially after she finds out he might have done the dirty with Marilyn Rhodes to benefit his nonexistent career.

Surprisingly, Avery didn’t seal the deal with Marilyn, but Scarlett still left him in favor of a new home at Uncle Deacon’s. Anyone else hoping this paves the way for a Gunnar and Scarlett hookup? Let’s hope so, but something tells us Scarlett’s backbone is soft and she’ll head back to her slick BF… probably next week.

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