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Parenthood recap: Together

The battle continues on Parenthood. So do broken hearts, true love, and the wonders of adoptive parenting.

Parenthood Christina and Max at the arcade

Things continue to stay rocky for The Bravermans… especially in the eldest Braverman’s house.

Adam can’t understand why Christina doesn’t want his mother there. She sees Camille often, but she rarely sees her own mother. It seems like her mom has never been around much, though. That left Christina fiercely independent… yet another reason why Camille’s hovering is hard to handle. Still, Christina was a little gruff. Hopefully, after her afternoon arcade excursion with Max, she’ll be more patient with and grateful for Camille’s help.

Parenthood Amber and Ryan

Speaking of moms, sure Sarah (Lauren Graham) is cool. But, really? What mother gets stoked over her early 20-something daughter sleeping with a guy she hardly knows? It seemed beyond unrealistic.

That said, Amber (Mae Whitman) and Ryan are perfect together. Even if “going slow” means sleeping together after the second date and then staying over multiple nights. There is the whole pill-popping situation that’s a little disconcerting, but not exactly a marker of something awful, especially with vets. Nothing to worry about… yet.

Zeek’s a little worried about Amber and Ryan and it’s super-cute. Ryan went through a lot in Afghanistan and, sure, it really messes up our guys. However, he seems to be without his own support system. The Bravermans are always so supportive. He deserves them in his life.

He needs a caring girl like Amber and a supportive grandpa like Zeek.

When Zeek suggested Ryan get a job working on a wheat farm because he might know about wheat from his life in Wyoming, Ryan opened up. Ryan does know a lot about wheat, but he learned it in Afghanistan.

They gave seeds to farmers to try to encourage them to switch their opium fields to wheat fields. One farmer finally agreed to do it and Ryan and some soldiers helped him plant his field. Soon after, someone killed the farmer to send a message to the rest of the community: “Don’t work with the Americans.”

“We killed that guy, Zeek,” Ryan said. “We didn’t drop any bombs or pull any triggers, but we killed that guy.”

Soul crushing.

Parenthood's Victor

Then there’s Victor. Julia and Joel try so hard to make Victor happy and help him assimilate into his new school, team and neighborhood. Julia learning Spanish will go a long way. It’s incredibly thoughtful and loving.

While it may not always seem like Victor appreciates it, hopefully with time he’ll begin to look at them as his real family.

All in all, the Bravermans continued to weather life’s storms. From Camille swooping in with that sob-worthy sweater to Crosby taking Adam for a beer, the family kept a steady flow of love pouring down on each of their members.

No matter what’s ahead for the clan on Parenthood, they’ll figure it out together.

Images courtesy of ABC

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